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Higher consciousness, upliftment & manifesting your dreams
This essence extends the light that you are.  You can stretch, expand, explore, accept & receive more... you can now 'see' beyond & allow yourself to draw to you what is necessary to change.  Calming to the auric field while enhancing physic talents at all levels.  New perception & 'seeing the bigger picture' bring about surety, improved choices coupled with the inspiration to move out of stagnation. A gentle yet consistent resonance that keeps you moving along in the direction of focus.  Increases & strengthens will, purpose & acceptance of your full potential when open & allowing.  Enables you connect more deeply to higher beings & your personal guidance.   

Soaring into higher dimensions, gathering, integrating & incorporating higher mind, wisdom & new potential  
A secure resonance to explore (with intention) the highest vibrations of spirit & other realms.  Can assist with aligning one to their home base beyond the stars.  Opens frontal lobe pathways of cognizance & can trigger spontaneous insights, understanding & soul awareness.  Phenacite frequencies hold the 'curtains' aside for one to travel beyond while sustaining a powerful ground in the present.  Works with higher counsel to center one with the beneficial pathways needed to form positive future experiences & growth.  An excellent resonance to deepen counselor & angelic communications while taking you beyond mere psychic perception & into your true spiritual awareness.   

The stone of ancient wisdom, linking of past, present, future & the magician's portal into creating new futures
These are the stones that make up the  inner circle of the Stonehenge monoliths. Their resonance came from the elders of Sirius. It was with Merlin's magick that brought the 'standing stones' into form and the holding of the power.​  Each can take you beyond time, space into ancient worlds & ancient magick.  They are the sentinels of your past & your unborn futures.  This resonance awakens the memories of yes Avalon, Arthur with his brilliant light, dreams of dominion & his sword of truth.  It can also align you with Lemuria & your inspiration in a world that was so new.  The stones, like ancient oak roots link you deeply into mother earth, your personal truth, power & strength.  It's formula of light offers you threads to move you in between & then beyond what you think you are and into what you can be.   It reminds you of the magick inherently yours & presently awaiting your willingness to seek & receive. It is a stone of personal recognition, acceptance, clarity & the power to step into your creative genius (not necessarily of art).   It has the power of the Dragon to dissolve the mists of confusion & falsity while awakening your divine purpose, strengths, talents & magick.  A gentle, powerful & expansive stone/elixir to, with intention, bring you into contact & communication with your elders... those beings that await your readiness to step forth with excitement, passion, depth of desire & commitment in creating a new world, both personal & global.  One that mirrors the magical kingdoms & love of your beginnings.    

Love Stone of the higher realms
An archangel stone, specifically connecting you with Zadkiel & the blending/
merging of self, evolved self & higher dominion.  It contains the angelic love & brilliance of compassion, forgiveness, grace & the freedom of being in wholeness & divinity.  This is a resonance of loving self even more & of recognizing your human side, honoring its beauty & knowing & accepting your true wholeness.  The angelic, faerie & healing realms accept the totality of each of us as the unique & magnificent beings that each of us are right now.  A powerful impetus for self healing, self loving & being in the joy of growth, reaching beyond, change... sometimes error... acceptance, appreciation & compassion for self & others.  It is a sweet, uplifting, expansive & nurturing radiance & an excellent ally of personal & spiritual growth.      

Chambers of Crystalline Light From Beyond The Stars 
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Divine love, calming, healing, gentleness, inner peace & strength
A loving, healing constant.  Due to its supreme ability to harmonize & balance the emotional body, Rose Quartz can be used for everything.  It has all the traditional capabilities of quartz crystal with some powerful additions.  With intention & direction this crystal can draw pain, discord, lower vibrations & chaos from each of the bodies, chakras & energy fields.  This gentle being transmutes anger, alters & lifts non supportive emotional patterns & then fills the hollows with the nurturing radiance of divine love, self-love & strengthens our ability to accept our worthiness, true value, light & beingness.  It is an excellent elixir for cleansing, clearing & lifting the vibrations of rooms, offices, all physical localities &  animals respond instantly to the calm nurturing vibrations.  Rose Quartz is wonderful to use prior to meditation & when desiring to connect more fully with higher counsel, self healing, clarity, guidance & allowing ourselves to receive more fully the abundance & prosperity we desire.  A happy, joyous, expansive yet gentle resonance.    

​The heart of love, healing & transformation from body to soul & back
A supreme radiance dissolving deeply encrusted lower vibrations in the etheric body, chakras, energy meridian lines, even soul level imprints that are damaged or  destructive.  The latter coming from experiences that left a 'shattering effect' that can be healed & a loving wholeness brought in at all levels.  Kunzite is a premier heart & loving stone.  With the added depth, girth & radiance of the rutilated fibers (amazing energy wave enhancers) this essence can sweep away debre & fill the cleared/healed spaces with a soft gentle loving radiance.  "It repairs the etheric blueprint", even at a 'karmic' or other lifetime level thus allowing you to let go & move into a new desired space of wholeness & self love.  Loving self isn't ego!  No one can love another without honoring self first.  The respect, esteem, worthiness & self confidence that evolves is radiated throughout your entire being.  Self healing brings joy to all the heavens!  This is a heart, love & joy radiating elixir.    

Attunement, conviction, powerful amplifier, removal of deeply ingrained resistance & rapid expansion  
​These stones are quartz crystals containing fibrous wands of rutile of varying colors.  Of themselves the strands run high frequency waves of healing, change, expansion, clearing & reframing of desire, directed intention & the manifested outcome. Together with the quartz, their effects are heightened directing explosive waves of energy into your focused intentions.  This combination activates a  connecting link from the physical to the etheric (where all form begins) then with intensity to a point of attraction in your now.  *It is highly important to be in truth with your true desire (what you will allow yourself to receive) to be most effective. Rutilated quartz assists in clearing away the muddiness of false beliefs that can slow your process of growth or manifestation. This energy supports clarity in perception & strengthening of your intuitive capabilities. An excellent tool to assimilate multiple levels of information & then elegantly transform the data you need into usable material.    

High frequency energy regulator, angelic & higher guidance, evolved & gentle insights, information, downloads & ancient records
One of my favorite of the quartz family!  The surface usually consists of many compartments that are worlds unto themselves.  These are very high frequency containers of healing, love, guidance & ancient information yet due to the smokey resonance the inscriptions penetrate more slowly & with great ease.  Smokey elestials are cleansing to body & environment, grounding, protective & balancing.
The elestial energy is highly uplifting & if drawn to them, are a wonderful bridge to all of the higher realms...moving beyond time, space & density.  At the same time they maintain a 'down to earth' harmonics allowing you to assimilate their amazing gifts with an enhanced ability to recall & recognize that you are using the directives & insights. The largest that I am guardian to is 80 lbs upon a light stand with one entire side carrying the face of a unicorn.  This is an energy to journey with... within self to know the magnificent being you are (whether believed or not!) & the 'absolute more that you are becoming'.  If seeking diversified information, guidance, connectedness to guides & higher self, stretching to encompass more, choosing to incorporate deeper levels of love, peace, beauty &  more creativity at all levels, this stone/essence is a superb companion.  It provides an amazing dance of light & awareness.    

An ascension stone & guide in becoming your full consciousness
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A stone of strength, transforming of the negative into positive, protective, replenishing & stabilizing
An elixir to uplift & encapsulate you in love & personal power which is the ability to choose to make positive changes in your life.  It soaks up negativity & with intention dissolves it along with cords, attachments, hooks, psychic implants, attacks or ill wishing.  Ultimately we can reach a level of centeredness that nothing outside can infringe upon.  As we make such changes, this is a beneficial tool to establish & hold a new platform of personal security & freedom.  It can lessen vulnerability, reverse excessive/obsessive behavior patterns & clear away lower vibrations.  Tantalite is an excellent ally for 'gridding' about you or in areas you would like to establish boundaries & shields of protective light.  There is an enhancement of  mental clarity, decision making, positive choice, calmness & the frequencies can assist in rebuilding the auric field when exposed to long term illness, abusive or chemical energies & depressive states.  This resonance elevates hope, self assurance, the ability to scrutinize situations, seek (from guides) positive solutions & take the most appropriate action.  In addition, the angelic realm is more strongly present to reassure you of their continuous support, guidance, love & encouragement in making these powerful & healing changes.  Frequently their responses come forth via synchronistic events, repetition or a very strong feeling.    

Powerful, uplifting, energizing, supportive to body electromagnetic field, mental acuteness, relieves stress & balancing to spinal system 
Rutile in rutilated quartz consists of titanium dioxide & typically occurs as needle like crystals.  Its denser base is titanium which carries a different & more extensive energy.  Excellent for increasing energy levels, strength, endurance & expanding or maintaining optimum energy flows. This is a superb resonance for thinking & being in harmony with paradoxical far reaching & inspiring ideas. It enhances vitality...strongly projecting the frequencies of Mars.  Often used to alter fatigue, disassociation, confusion, resistance to change, inability to focus or clarify intent.  Titanium  brings energetic substance to the chakras, spinal system, increases natural healing ability & time, relieves stress & is quite a support to bony structures & tissue.  Grounding without being heavy, it stabilizes each of the body frequencies & can also be used to set strong personal & emotional grids.  Very much like having Archangel Michael's sword of truth, power & light radiating through your auric field!  This elixir works very well with high energy stones for expansion while keeping the body 'down to earth' to receive all the wonders & abundance available to us.  Titanium has extensive frequencies inherent within its structures & is excellent for neutralizing electrical fields that are harmful to the body.  A powerful ally... also great for body workers both in building & endurance.   

Essence of Light
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