Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing

How Elixirs Work
Gem Elixirs assist the body to recall its original imprint
of optimum health & well being.

Vibrational essences are a gentle and positive support in one’s process of growth, self healing and well being.  Each Essence of Light© elixir is created from the frequencies of crystals, minerals,
flower essences, Faeries and Angels, then synergistically blended to awaken additional energy and life force within the body. 

Crystals, minerals, flowers, water, earth, humans, animals and inanimate objects are composed of vibrating particles of light.  

As an example, trees have a base vibration.  In addition each category, such as Cypress or Oak, has its ‘fingerprint’ or identity frequencies.   All humans vibrate the resonance of ‘human beings’.  Each person has their own very special and unique vibrational pattern.   Animals vibrate that of the animal kingdom plus their own species such as cat, dog, dolphin or eagle.  There are 100’s of frequencies compiling the genetic makeup of each person, plant, animal and mineral. This is true of all form in our reality. 

Within each human and animal there are patterns of energy that sustain optimum well being.  These fields are continuously being influenced by thoughts, feelings, attitudes, choices and experiences.
Although stimuli do not change the basis of these fields, it can positively or negatively influence the imprints. 

During periods of change, stress, intense activity or growth, imprints can be disrupted. These energetic blockages can bring about duress in the physical, mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual bodies.  If the intensity is extensive enough these same blockages, over time, can manifest via ill-ness.  As the duress is removed and positive influences reinforced the body can more readily return to its natural patterns of wellness.   

Note: Animals respond in the same manner.  The primary difference is they are not attached to negative emotions therefore their resistance to self healing is minimal.

All crystals, gems and flowers have within them specific programs and frequencies of healing potential.   This is available either by physical touch or when experienced as an elixir.  

***It has been scientifically proven that early cultures utilized the healing powers of stones via minute amounts of pulverized minerals activated into pastes and elixirs.   More recently, Edward Bach (‘Batch’) 9/24/86 - 11/27/36 became renowned for having developed vibrational elixirs from these basic practices.   Bach was a British physician, homeopath, bacteriologist and spiritual writer, known for ‘Bach flower remedies & Rescue Remedy’, a form of alternative medicine inspired from homeopathic principles.  Raised in Birmingham, Dr Bach studied medicine at the University College Hospital, London and obtained a Diploma of Public Health (DPH) at Cambridge.*** 

An elixir is created when the patterns of a crystal, gem, flower, faerie & angel radiances are activated into distilled water, charged, then secured with a holding agent. The frequencies of this essence can then be utilized by the body by several methods.

a) Misting the hands, feet, specific chakras or throughout the Auric field.  The latter is a bit like 'fluffing' the energy (mist form) due to aeration and dispersion of the light particles in each elixir.

b)  By placing several drops directly in 4-6 oz of water and ingesting several times daily.  

c Essence of Light has found the mist applications to be of equal value and effect. We encourage clients to work with the mist form which can be applied to the skin or over clothing.  The frequencies are received via the Auric field that envelopes the physical body.  If directed to use the drops by your inner guidance or health practitioner, please do so. 

As the spiraling radiances of each essence are absorbed, a solid foundation of accessible and sustainable energy is provided. With this new base one can more fully balance, harmonize, stabilize and optimize their life force flow.  By including meditation, intention, focus and or prayer, the body’s ability to realign with its natural patterns of wellness are heightened.     

For animals, although it can be taken by mouth or in water, most will prefer gem elixir drops applied along the spine or by misting directly over the body.

The body, both human and animal, can ‘detect’ appropriate patterns when introduced.   Because each gem has many frequencies one’s consciousness will select only those that resonate. With this infusion of light, disruptive patterns can be softened and changed thus assisting the body to align into its natural balance. This expansion of energy can then radiate through the systems enhancing one's natural ability of harmonization and self healing.  

Vibrational elixirs are energy enhancers.  They contain distilled water, the frequencies of crystals, minerals, flowers & light with a small amount of alcohol as the holding agent.  They do not contain any type of stone powders or compounds.  
Elixirs can be applied in mist form externally about the body 
or taken in drop form internally.  

Please consult your physician for medical advice.

Essence of Light
All elixirs 
 are made by the 
"Indirect Method"
This process protects the elixir & you from exposure to any polishing or toxic compounds