Being With The Archangels & Communicating With Your Guardian Angels

Each of the Archangel Essences are the radiance & light of that specific angel.  When misted about you, the elixir forms a sparkling chamber of their energy, love & healing enabling a deeper more expansive personal relationship with them.   

AA Michael's Radiance includes Honor, Protection & Divinely Guided Will 
He carries the Sword of Truth; unwavering Faith; Strength; Courage; & unlimited Potential & assists you in aligning with & staying on your personal
path.  ​His energy clears fear, doubt & uncertainty while increasing clear focus of intent & reassurance that YOU are a powerful, loving being of Source.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL - Whom God & Goddess Heal
AA Raphael is Heaven's Physician & Master Healer
He provides Energy Balancing to anything that you desire to heal.   He envelopes the situation, issue or milady with his emerald green ray to bring about divine harmony.  AA Raphael assists in creating & manifesting Abundance, Prosperity, Positive Growth, Diet, Lifestyle changes & healing of Personal & Work Relationships.  He reminds you to breathe deeply of Lifeforce & Source relieving stress & discord.  AA Raphael brings you back into YOUR center! 

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL - God & Goddess are My Strength      
AA Gabriel is the Messenger angel from your higher consciousness & a marvelous Coach supporting, Leadership in all fields of personal & business endeavors.  He governs Bold New Ideas & Expression;
Goal Fulfillment; Growth Solutions, Self Nurturing & Playfulness, Joy & Abundant Success.  If drawn to writing, music & the arts he will guide your path connecting you to the needed links for creative genius (regardless of the field).

ARCHANGEL URIEL - The Light of God & Goddess
AA Uriel is about Claircognizance, Lightning Insights, Inspiration, Enlightenment, Deep Inner Wisdom, Expansion, Resolution & Change.  He is a powerful assistant in altering your beliefs, releasing & removing stagnate thoughts & emotions.  With quiet respect he awaits your willingness & request to move beyond limitation & discord.  AA Uriel also clears self doubt & debilitating beliefs of unworthiness. influences & discord. 

ARCHANGEL METATRON  - The Voice of God & Goddess
​AA Metatron works with all of the following & so much more...  Priorities, Order, Motivation, Sacred Geometry & Form, Counselor,
Director, Manifestation, Rainbow, Crystal & Indigo children of all ages & Life Path.  Call upon AA Metatron to bring in his 'sacred cube' for cleansing chakras & throughout each of your systems & bodies.  To assist you in staying open & in alignment with all of the new dimensional changes.  To cleanse away current chaos, confusion & lower vibrations.  
And He like all of the Archangel & Guardian Angels are always available to keep you safe while assuring you that you are never alone & always loved unconditionally.

Soon to follow detailed information on Guardian Angels.  

Essence of Light

& Guardian Angels