With Beauty & Light We Become More

Several years ago I became aware of a new energy about me.  
Within days, I was encouraged to request a name and purpose and was instantly rewarded. This ancient being of light is a dear and cherished teacher, friend, guide and guardian of the crystal realms.  She asked for permission to enter into and join my primary circle of spiritual counselors.  

Her name is 

My first conscious memory of her, in this time, came during a meditation in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The year was 1972 and I was being guided through massive crystalline caves into a classroom where some 30 others were gathered, as was I. 

Each student was exploring the core of crystalline knowledge, origin, purpose and function.  It was similar to a present day university (doctorate level), except duration of attendance was based upon the degree of depth, understanding and wisdom individually desired.   My 'professor' so to speak, was and is a beautiful shimmering crystalline being not unlike ourselves in body yet with an amazing radiance of light and color emanating throughout her entire form.

Kriss-Tar is an 'Ancient One' having come forth as an emissary, a link in time to guide those ready through a portal of knowledge.  Her wisdom reaches far beyond that of the crystals as we know them.  For her these spectrums contain the origins of forever.  In their original liquid state they are a radiance of light and love from the heart of The Goddess and the soul of God.  In her world, far beyond the stars in a complex of universes, there is light, color, sound, energy and love that one may recall only in their dreams.  And yet there is memory...  

Kriss-Tar is a planetary being, a bridge from this world to those of the ancient realms.  Her commitment is to provide a pathway of light to those of the Crystalline, Faerie, Angelic, Rainbow worlds, the star system of Sirius and yes, beyond.  

She came to talk with the children of these realms.  Some are, those of us, the early ones that came in years ago to set the way.  Many are the children of now... their light so brilliant, yet often unable to be fully present.  

Some of these young ones have such highly developed nervous systems that it can be traumatic for them to stay centered in our present frequencies.  Often medicine has defined them (even some of us) with various disorders attempting to catalog ones conduct and treat it.  At times this has been effective at least within certain ranges.  Others have experienced a numbing of their personalities, desires and spirit.

Crystal-Elixir products are created to support personal growth, change and self-healing.  All of the product formulas have evolved from the workings of the counsel and myself.  This includes Kriss-Tars knowledge and wisdom.  In essence, she is the group specialist on stones and crystals.  Her understanding of our body chemistry and human crystalline structures is astonishing.

I continue to channel in a similar manner yet there is a broader range of information coming through with Kriss-Tar's presence.  Always present are Archangels Michael, Raphael and Metatron, Jeshua, The Goddess & God, ancient masters, healers, angelic and faerie realms, my higher self and those beings of my client. Together we form a specialized grid of radiating insight, information and potential solutions to assist you on your path.

A new line of Faerie Remedies are especially powerful in ushering in, developing and utilizing all the above energies.  These joyous elixirs of life are also effective in harmonizing issues of 'the children' both young and older and will be available through Crystal-Elixirs.

There are guides specific to each of you that await your invitation to more clearly enter into you waking state.  This may be an angel, ancient grandfather or grandmother, master, personal counselor or one such as Kriss-Tar from a long ago past origin.  These beings are not my group but rather one you have called forth, from a higher plane, to meet with at this time and in this space.  Initially there is a connection providing the awareness of their presence.  It is then possible to become friends and a  companion assisting you in very real and practical ways each and every day.  For others your preference may be more in accordance with what you are presently 'lining up' in your reality.  Your session may also encompass a bit of both with additional attention to goals, personal issues of growth, change and how to accomplish such changes with elegance and ease.

We also work very powerfully with the needs of the Rainbow children.  For the younger ones and teens this can be done via the parent.  A session can provide guidance as to the child's needs with insights into balancing their energy fields.  The group assists many dealing with personality and non adaptive disorders.  This can be done at an energetic and vibrational level allowing the body to re-align with its natural imprint and self correct.  

A 45 Minute Session is $80.00
1/2 hour is $65.00​
1 hour is $99.00

** The introduction of a counselor is only provided upon request **

We look forward to exploring with you...
With Blessings of Light, Love & Rainbows,
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