Essence of Light
Super Seven
Becoming Your Full Consciousness

This elixir enables you to attract, expand, ground & literally 'drench' yourself within the higher radiance of your spiritual counsel, higher self, soul path & source.  It is a synergy of 7 stones, within one, emitting frequencies of the rainbow light.   A gift from The Goddess & Mother Earth providing an energetic foundation to be all that you are & can be.

It immediately self adjusts to your present resonance, dissolves blockages (as you are willing), stretches, lifts, holds, balances, integrates and harmonizes your energy fields.  Within this process you can release residue or 'sticky' emotions that have acted like 'speed bumps' preventing or slowing your spiritual growth, talents, abilities and manifesting power.  

Super Seven can be used to 'sweep away' stored emotions from the chakras, energy and physical bodies while it rebuilds and enhances your spiritual sparkle.   

Amethyst:   Lifts and enhances emotional, mental and spiritual clarity.  Gentle, calming and exacting while stretching capacity to access, download and integrate insights, solutions, transformation and knowledge of higher consciousness and realms.  It strengthens interlinking of the pituitary gland, pineal gland and brain wave patterns. This balance activates the function of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as a unit.  Amethyst increases intuition, esteem and focus while escalating your awareness, personal definition to pertinent information and potential growth.
Cacoxenite:  Clears muddiness to reach 'your awakened state'.  Moves you beyond the mundane to the higher planes of spiritual awareness, solution, self healing and alignment with your spiritual path.    Cacoxenite takes you to a 'point of origin' in order to alter core situations.  It 'opens the vault' to talents, accomplishments, personal power and your ability to take decisive action (responsibility). It is a 'stone of power' working alone or to enhance the frequencies of other stones.
Clear Quartz Crystal:  A silicon dioxide crystal that holds the core imprints of our world.  The outer neutrons or framework can be programmed.  (The core of each crystal holds it's own identity & IS).  With direction, the clear form is prized for its ability to clear and transform.  In the Super Seven, it is the 'glue' synergizing the resonance of the other 6 included stones.  Quartz crystals can also be used for manifesting, healing, memory expansion, gridding, spiritual growth, centering, harmony, peace and balance.  Working with quartz crystals encourage and increase the 'more of you'.  Without it's presence, we as a humanity, would not be here on this plane of existence!
Geothite & Lepidocrosite in Quartz Crystal:  A rare combination highly prized and utilized in Lemuria to awaken and develop the pineal gland.  In Atlantis it was extraordinary in alleviating anger, fear (hidden), submission (an inability to focus upon desired thought) and contradictory information NOT emanating from your divine soul imprint, i.e. that which prevents you and your soul from expansion into higher levels of awareness.  Lepidocrosite is also a powerful emotional and trauma healer/balancer.
Rutile Quartz Crystal:  Used in later Lemuria and early Atlantis.  Its titanium (rutile) frequencies increase tissue regeneration, assimilation of life force while providing a stronger resistance to background radiation.  Assists in lifting the immune system and reverse aging.  Depression is dissipated...(depression is anger depressed due to fear of getting in trouble).  Brain wave patterns align to natural optimum pathways providing 'clear thought' and increasing insight, clairvoyance and spiritual talents.
Smokey Quartz Crystal:   Used extensively in Lemuria, Atlantis & Egypt to prepare the synthesizing of the physical & energy bodies to integrate the DNA soul pattern thus aligning the kundalini energy, flow and clarity into the body density.  Excellent for meditation and expansion.  Smokey or black quartz provides a circular radiance encapsulating stored information/energy an allows it to be gently absorbed into the matrix or you.  You receive it all, assimilating the insights and downloads with thoroughness, ease, patience, balance and clarity.  It is a positive grounding stone and in this combination, supports the blending of all the frequencies for easy access.

The Super Seven elixir provides all the frequencies of the Super 7 stone and can be utilized by it self or to further enhance use of the physical stone.  See below for potential application.

​We extend a heart felt thank you to 'Melody', Love is in the Earth', attributed to the discovery of this stone.  

INGREDIENTS:  Distilled water, above essences, Essence of Light (a proprietary blend of light), alcohol as the holding agent.

Mist:  Spritz 2 - 3 x through Auric field 1 - 2 x daily as desired.
The common usage of vibrational, crystal & gem elixirs is 1 – 3 times daily.  Because each person is unique in response to energy, always follow your inner guidance for mist/drop amount and frequency of use.  One mist is equal to two drops.

Special Note:  An additional spritz (1 x daily) upon a specific chakra or area of the body (you feel is blocked) will further enhance the clearing process.

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are available to assist in clarity, healing, growth and abundance. But you must ask. 

It is Very Important to drink adequate amounts of water. You are moving energy through your body & water is the conduit supporting this. Four to six glasses per day is imperative and highly suggested.