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Powerful balancer with gentle grounding during transformation
Magnetized volcanic rock that aids in positive detachment, awareness & clarifies the process as you transform & change.  Softens sense of loss & 'giving up' old ties during the change.  Encourages self awareness & reliance without feeling abandoned.  Magickal, protective, allows for 'fanning', i.e., you can oscillate, view the larger perspective, feel sate, incorporate the elements of change usually without seeing the total picture...helps define, walk, define, walk... balance without confusion or uncertainty.      

Becoming one & journeying with your soul
A stone originating from Lemuria, this elixir acts as a bridge (along with higher self & counsel) in activating a journey beyond time & space with the core of you.  When made, this link will not view like a documentary of each lifetime, but rather the growth, expansion & love attained.  Your soul knows every part of you & lovingly awaits the merging of the light that is you together.  A gentle path to discover insight & answers & a mystical liquid to escort you upon an amazing adventure of oneness!   

Viewing your life & altering the future
Biotite depicts how your life is unfolding & the impact you have in your reality.  It also offers the reminder that you are the creator & have the power & capacity to establish change.   

Guidance, direction, new journeys & perspectives
This elixir holds the radiance of the goddess light & is strongly aligned with the Black Madonna/Magdalene. Use to bring forth balance, harmony & for calling upon the presence of your higher counsel, a guide & guidance, knowledge, understanding, healing, relationships, solutions & wisdom. A transformational elixir of unveiling, expansion, change, personal truth with the shielding & protection of the Divine Feminine.   

Purifying, rebuilding, stabilizing
A master stone aligning all the energies of quartz crystal with the cleansing, balancing, calming, harmonizing, grounding & protection provided by black tourmaline.  A powerful, supportive & protective healer for all that you do.. 

Purifier, chakra cleansing, alignment & energy evaluation
An excellent elixir for counselors, healers, body workers or individuals vulnerable to retention of client auric energy.  Brochantite is a copper based resonance with cleaning, healing & expanding frequencies.  It heightens agent's evaluative awareness while providing a gentle, thorough disconnect to client's energy fields, emotions or any lower vibrations.   

Mental clarity, dissolves false scripts, aligns ones natural balance within the bodies & system
Bronze has a unique way of clearing, releasing & alleviating inaccurately accurried information.  It acts as a channel in tandem with higher self & sub conscious to transmute discrepancy.  The effects are unique as you bring forth info, recognize, correct, then articulate the upgrade in your brain & mind simultaneously.  You'll even sense the pattern of the Bronze, higher guidance, & inner changes.   An excellent elixir activating mental clarity, dissemination, honesty, integrity, inner truth, beauty, & enthusiasm.  Calming to emotions & nervous system.  Supports resolve, commitment, personal discipline & eases guilt & lack of esteem.    

Calming the whirlwind of anger, resentment & lagging initiative with change & boldness of action 
A stone to turn the mundane upside down in preparation for beneficial change. It radiates adventure & self discovery.   Are you ready... then this is the elixir for you.   Where there was uncertainty, doubt, boredom, confusion, helplessness & self pity can now emerge new potential & enough passion to 'rock' your world with unlimited possibility.  Cinnabar Jasper is subtle & calming while 'lifting the bar' & igniting the fires of desire, optimism & bold action.  A modern elixir for all & a timely guide for those of the 'baby boomer' set seeking 'what's next'. 

​Focus, prosperity, manifestation, protection, willpower, commitment & positive assimilation of energy
Naturally transmutes negative/lower vibrations into higher frequencies. Use to manifest all forms of abundance, change non productive patterns, detox 
& cleanse chakra & auric field energy while replacing with a golden protective shield.  Calms tummy, solar plexus, balances, emotions, moodiness, filters & minimizes intake of chaotic crowd-public energy, repels anger & discordant thoughts.  Sustains strength, stamina, life force energy, clarity, self-confidence, positive thought, enthusiasm & willingness to receive.   

"The Bestower of Good"
This element acts as an energy conductor through the skeletal system & entire body.  Master self healer for bringing harmony & energy to each of the chakras & systems.  Increases base & 2nd chakra security, creativity, pleasure, happiness, sensitivity, receptivity, groundedness, foundations, structure & joy.  A natural conductor in regulating electromagnetic energy & clearing blockages or weak energy patterns.  Copper's healing signature is that of dissolving & harmonizing which is why so many utilize copper bracelets to free up discomfort from arthritic conditions (which often stem from blocked energy flows).   

Intuition, creativity, healing & connecting link between worlds
Enhances perceptive abilities & spiritual talents while transmuting lower frequencies into higher ones.  A transformational essence usable on all levels of expansion & growth.  Covellite is aligned with mother earth to incorporate, synergize & stabilize one's changes with a minimal amount of disruptive energy. Strengthens bond with higher self & spiritual counsel. This is a gentle yet powerful stone of metamorphosis bridging the above with the below.   It is an equalizing conduit between worlds as it grounds information & clarity into each of your bodies & your reality.  Excellent for self healing, the stone & elixir will automatically direct it's frequencies to energy blockages creating additional warmth as the discord is being discharged.   

The power, courage, vitality & energy of the Divine Goddess
This elixir is about 'standing tall' with the conviction, strength & true backing of the divine feminine.  Whatever has been within your experience can be lifted, transformed or neutralized.  With copper as it's base, Cuprite becomes a unique healing-balancing friend fusing you with the fortitude to walk your talk. It brings in the ancient earth mother, magickal sorceress & high priestess of the triple goddess.  This is love, power, gentleness, determination, will, compassion, healer, warrioress, enchantress & nurturer.  This essence brings the roots & grounding to gather your power & utilize that which you are & have always been to move beyond the fear, old traumas, lack, non-deservability, victim-hood & martyr to emerge as a fountain of light.  You are that 'spark' of The Lady... be it, live it & dream your dreams.  'She' walks with you, laughs with you, cries with you AND invites you to be willing to love this you & be all that you are!  The crystal & stone beings are here to help.  They offer their radiance to strengthen you upon your journey of discovery, healing, loving & being.       

♥ DRAGON BLOOD JASPER  -  Complete info available soon!
Power, Strength, Commitment, Self Nurturing & Profound Life Force!

Angels, the bridging of worlds, music of the spheres, divine love & transcendental growth
Rare & emerging, this new definition of the Danburite frequencies holds the golden rays of the sun (sometimes referred to as Agni or fire). It's energy is high, light, expansive, & deeply grounding to receive the transmissions of the God light. This golden healer of love draws its source magick into & through the higher mid, crown, high heart, root chakra & back up through the entire system & recycling via the auric field. The throat chakra (expression) is key... for it is your base of interaction, presentation, exploration & the bridge linking higher mind & heart with ultimate wisdom. A gentle loving, swirling cleanser diminishing residue of lower thought, beliefs & impressions while forming a spiral of brilliant golden light & your chamber of self healing, awareness, worthiness, clarity, purpose, esteem, freedom & personal truths. This chamber acts as a window providing unlimited potential for understanding, growth, self healing, expansion & a new foundation in co-creation & manifestation. It is a 'star' stone of the heavens radiating divine ambience.  

Emanations of The Golden Ray, life force & masterful change 
Within the formation of certain quartz (determined by molecular influence) prisms of oxygen, color & light can be retained & fused into & through layers of crystal.  The origin is the sun refracting cross sectioning angles of light that become vulnerable to a particular series of atoms within the crystalline structures.  What transpires are pockets of intensified prana lodged within layers of stone   The effects are highly charged crystalline beings capable of storing & broad casting expanded ranges of information, light & life force.  Fortunately this battery of electromagnetic energy contains a self adjusting mechanism for individual assimilation & comfort levels.  A master healer influencing right action during change.  Balances & aligns chakras, systems & bodies.  Increases vitality, enhances spiritual depth, facilitates communication & reception beyond time & space.  Truly a  miracle of crystalline light, now contained within an essence.  

A starburst of golden light enveloping you like wings
Selenite is a necessary being for all that share a love with the mineral kingdom.  A stone perfectly aligned with your body electromagnetic system, balances, energizes & enhances self healing without need for cleaning.  A happy stone both expansive & calming (brings one into center), moves convoluted energy, lifts emotions & broadens consciousness.  The color (from iron) radiates the golden sun ray.  This composite forms a strong concise base supporting brain wave energy via the  pituitary & pineal glands (chakras 6 & 7) which in turn increase positive health patterns within the body.  On a spiritual level the 9th-12th chakras are easily accessible lending major growth in psychic abilities, talents, communication with higher self, counsel, ancients & source.  Meditative states  strengthen moving you up & outward while retaining a depth of grounding,  increased insights, clarity, understanding, manifesting capacity & reliability in translating messages.  Having been blessed with several sets of beautiful selenite wings I find this stone to be a curtain of shimmering light fusing you with higher mind & those of the angelic & faerie realms.  It is a bridge to the 'winged ones' & accelerated growth. 

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