Law Of Attraction
Life: Inspiration, expansion, joy, abundance, wealth,  creativity & the fun of manifesting your desires.   

'Law of Attraction' is the base by which you accomplish all of the above in your life & personal reality.  The following tools and information are provided to help you bring about more of what 'you really want' while in the state of ease, well being, elegance, excitement and positive anticipation.   

The basis of this law is that 'like attracts like'! 
Everything is made up of energy particles including thoughts.  Simply put; when we think a thought repeatedly it can become a belief which given more focus and attention (thought) can draw together into form or thought form.  Is it real?  Oh yes, and solid as a rock! ​The greatest aspect of this is that it works the same way for both positive and negative thought waves and patterns.

The law of attraction is universal and applies to everyone whether believed in or not.  Each of us have the ability to create exactly what we want in our personal reality.  The thoughts and things that we place our attention upon draw to us the people, circumstances and events of that focus.  Think of days that, from the onset, went from one stressful situation to the next. Was it just a random bad day gone worse?  No, there was a pattern of thought energy that attracted all the events.  And, there is a workable concept that underlies this powerful and beautiful law that when explored and consciously practiced provides you with the personal power to create exactly what you do want.

Basically each of us can look to the best or the worst and create more of the same.  We can blame and feel powerless or we can understand that yes, sometimes the 'creation' was entirely from us and often it is a default reaction to our external programing and beliefs.  Whatever the core of any issue, we can change us and the thoughts we send out into the universe thus drawing back to us a new potential and 'formation'. 

As we learn the simple process and incorporate it into our daily lives we align with and become co creators with 'Source energy' and begin to draw all that we desire to us.

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 Abraham - Hicks (#1 & #2 most important to start with)
   #1 - Getting into the Vortex with CD
   #2 - The Law of Attraction Book or CD's
   #3 - The Teachings of Abraham (non religious)
The Abraham material can be purchased at
​& is excellent.  'Getting into the Vortex is so easy to use (4 - 15 min meditations that assist you in releasing resistance & maintaining well being.  For more detail use #2 & #3 in that order. 
We also recommend signing up for their free 'daily law of attraction quote'.

This material is also available at & most book stores.
Note:  We do not receive any monies for this material... we merely offer it as an excellent companion to our elixir products.  

And, understanding and using the universal 'Law of Attraction' process is an exceptional 'alignment' to manifesting exactly what you desire to create. 

Note:  In 1877, 'law of attraction' first appeared in a book authored by the Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky.  By the end of the 19th century the term was being used by New Thought authors such as Prentice Mulford and Ralph Waldo Trine.  In their documents, the law of attraction affected health and every aspect of our lives.  In the 20th century, two of the best selling books of all time; Think and Grow Rich (1937) by Napoleon Hill and You Can Heal Your Life (1984) by Louise Hay testified to the value & effects of this universal law.
Abraham Material
Essence of Light
Alignment & Manifestation