Choosing Gem Elixirs
Clarity in Gem Elixir Selection
To provide insight on which gem elixir(s) can best serve you, please consider the following guidelines.

1.  Ask your higher self, angels and counselors to join you.  
2.  If accustomed to working with pendulums, they can be utilized to assist in your choices.  Make certain you are centered, request clear insight & always double check.
3.  You may be drawn to one elixir over another.  Again,  detach from what stands out, wait a moment, then ask again.  You will either resonate with the same choice or be drawn to a better match.  Reading the elixir description can provide confirmation & inner guidance.

Crystal Elixir gem essences are formed by setting the purpose & intent of each product.  We then have a proprietary process of frequency folding that blend the specific vibrations required to create the desired outcome.   

Essence of Light gem elixirs are for the purpose of energy enhancement.  Each elixir is a single or combination of crystal, gem & flower essences that are synergestically blended to enhance the energy flow during change, growth, self-healing & well being.  These elixirs are not medication nor do we prescribe any dosages.  Suggested amounts are based upon traditional use of energy elixirs.
   It is important for each person to follow their inner guidance.  In your consulting of such, should you be encouraged to take less than a traditional amount...please do so.   
​ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL with your higher self & angels are available to for healing, clarity, growth & abundance. To fully receive their loving guidance it is important to request their assistance.
WATER - Adequate amounts of water are essential! You are moving energy through your body & water is the conduit.  4-6 glasses daily is encouraged.

Disclaimer:  Essence of Light Vibrational Elixirs are subtle energy enhancers. Product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Contact your physician or health care practitioner for the treatment of illness.
Essence of Light

Mist: Spritz 1-3 x throughout chakras or pointing downward from above head.  Apply 1-2 x daily as desired.  Because each person is unique in response to energy, always follow your 
inner guidance for amount & frequency of use. Can be 
applied directly to skin 
or over clothing.