Choosing Gem Elixirs
Clarity in Gem Elixir Selection

As you browse through the gem elixir product descriptions you may encounter elixirs that seem to support similar types of transformation and change. To provide insight on the potential of which gem elixir can best serve you, please consider the following guidelines.

1.  Ask your higher self, angels and counselors to join you.  

2.  If you are familiar with pendulums they can be an excellent tool to assist in focusing upon the appropriate products.  Make certain you are centered, request clear insight and always double check.

3.  Many individuals will just seem to be drawn to one gem elixir over another.  If in doubt, follow up by detaching from what stands out, wait a moment, then ask again.  Generally one will see, feel, or resonate with  the same choice or suddenly be drawn to a better match.  Often as one reads through the detailed description page provided for each elixir, they will receive energetic hits of appropriateness.  Trust your insights and guidance, you will know.

Each crystal, flower and gem elixir is a combination of frequencies that form its particular vibrational pattern.  Certain of these gem elixirs may show up in other products.  This potential repetition merely indicates a base pattern that is complimentary to a number of processes.    

Essence of Light Gem Elixirs are formed in a very specific and unique manner.  Initially we clarify the intent and purpose of what is to be created,  i.e. expansion of love, self-confidence, forgiveness, etc.  Then we (the group) work together in blending the vibrational radiances with Reiki and love.  With the activation of a proprietary process of frequency folding one can harmonize the blending of say Ruby, combined with Citrine and several of the vibrations of Quartz Crystal.  As these energies dance together they form a vibrational factor that is more than the sum total of each of the individual elixirs.  

As an example There are several products that enhance protection and renewal of the light fields surrounding the physical and energetic bodies.  Auric Field, Clearing & Protection, Light Shields, Stay Clear and Transforming the Etheric are effective in cleansing and strengthening light body shields.  Each person will gravitate to the specific elixir(s) frequencies best suited to their present energetic fields and their desired results.  All five of the above enhancers provide essential support, yet one will stand out as the preferred essence due to its level and pattern of vibration. 

There are also several gem elixir combinations that may assist in transmuting anger.  The combination you resonate to may be Transforming Anger gem elixir while your best friend gravitates to Anxiety & Fear Release gem elixir.  Can both support potential change in altering old patterns of anger and discord...absolutely!  It is no different than one's preference in clothing, food or seashore versus mountain localities.   

Is one gem elixir better or more effective than another?  Not necessarily, it depends entirely upon what each individual is drawn to as a compliment to their unique process of growth and expansion.

Essence of Light gem elixirs are for the purpose of energy enhancement.  Each gem elixir is a combination of crystal, gem and flower essences that are synergestically blended to enhance the flow of energy in support of one's desire to change, grow, self-heal and expand their level of well being.  

These elixirs are not medication nor do we prescribe any dosages. Any amounts suggested are based upon traditional use of crystal, flower & gem elixirs which is 7 drops taken 1-3 times per day or as desired.  We highly endorse using mist applications which can me spritzed upon the skin or over clothing.

Awakening to new potential and growth is always exciting and fun.  We encourage our clients to take baby steps and allow themselves to explore with elegance and ease.  If the suggestion has been to honor the master status of a product, please do so.  

It is important for each person to follow their inner guidance.  In your consulting of such, should you be encouraged to take less than a traditional amount...please do so.   

Individuals having on going experience with energy, light, crystals, healing and vibrational work may receive guidance (from their inner being, higher self, archangels) to mist an additional spritz from time to time. We have generally found these clients to be vibrational healers, counselors and metaphysical teachers very accustomed to working with more expansive levels of energy.  

It is important to acknowledge and honor that everyone experiences energy in their own personal and unique fashion.  We have clients that 1 application of an essence per day, or even on alternating days brings about amazing encouragement to their intentions of growth.

Thank you.  

Essence of Light
Disclaimer:  Essence of Light Vibrational Elixirs are subtle energy enhancers.   Product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.   Contact your physician or health care practitioner for the treatment of illness.