Crystal Elixir

 Magickal Mists of Liquid Stones
Supporting Your Growth
With Elegance 
& Ease

We provide powerful tools & extraordinary bridges of connecting links from Mother Earth, the Angelic Realm & the Ascended Masters.  Tools that enhance your journey of exploration, change and growth each and every day.

As you browse through the combination and single elixir titles you will find detailed descriptions outlining purpose, potential support and contents.  The current listings are especially helpful in working with the changes and issues taking place in our lives and upon our planet right now!  

Each of the following are instantaneous in assisting you to stay clear, centered and focused upon positive actions in your personal and work environment versus reacting to the chaos and confusion presently in our reality.   

Energy Clear
Body Shield
Mother Board Upgrade
Blizzard Stone

Archangel Michael & the Cobalt Star

Rainbow Essences
Energy Clear 
Faerie Dust 
Clearing Duo
to increase the energy of just about everything including foods
Crystal Clear
Instantly Clear
crystals, minerals
stones, jewelry &
the crystalline
structures within 
the  body

'Body Shield'
To Protect You Now

'Energy Clear'​
With AA Metatron's
Sacred Symbols

"Super Seven"
Coming Soon
Essence Elixirs 
to assist you in 
working with your
Guardian Angels
AA Michael
AA Raphael 
AA Gabriel
AA Uriel 
AA Metatron