Bringing Your Desires Into Manifested Form 

Decide what you want, set your intentions, align with your goal, then hold a positive focus to manifest the desired outcome. 

​In order to consciously create our personal reality it is necessary to forge several elements.  Desire, beliefs, willingness and allowing one self to receive.  When these line up our creations manifest easily because we are in agreement with our inner being or source energy.  When we have backdrop beliefs of limitation or resistance the creative process can slow, stop or convolute the desired results. 

The following ingredients are formulated to support the 'aligning' of the physical, spiritual and energetic bodies to bring about maximum creativity flow.  Note: spiritual relates to inner being, higher self & source.

We generally do not detail each ingredient but rather their synergy.  With Alignment you are presented with a clear perspective of the frequencies that are clearing, supporting and expanding your ability to change, strengthen and hold new choices, desires and creations.

♦ Bloedite - Preserves ability to sustain new patterns, objectives & desires in the physical & each of the energetic bodies. Bloedite allows you to 'see' & 'understand' the resistant patterns & their how to release them.  Physical:  Painful muscle swelling, renewal of cellular energy, reduces, water retention, chills, fevers 
 Cat's Eye - Happiness, serenity, well being while 'enriching' luck. Strengthens intuition, awareness, releases lower vibrations, provides a sense of protection & security.  Physical:  Eyes - increases night vision, reduces facial strain & tension, supports nerves.
 Faerie Balm - Calming, soothing & relieves energetic overload in the 3rd chakra tummy area.  Negates random fear, confusion, distress exhaustion often originating from people or situations around us.  It provides a monitoring shield to assist in "consciously turning down outside input".  
♦ Faerie Dust - Soft, uplifting, purifying spectrums of pure light & color emanating from rainbows, moonbeams & sunbeams.  Increases happiness, joy, positive inspiration, well being & light particles while harmonizing energy & entire auric field... It is the 'rainbow ray'!
♦ Faerie Enchantment -  A Proprietary blend of frequencies to 'reach for the stars'. It awakens & holds the childlike optimism of excitement, enthusiasm, hope & inspiration. It invites you to explore new adventures & seek more of the wonder of life with gratitude & appreciation.  
♦ Faerie Love - Proprietary blend of 4th chakra, heart & high heart energies that encapsulate the ability to heal old wounds, lift life force, increases love of self & others while inviting in joy.  Dissolves grief held from loss of love & disassociation.  This is a very gentle elixir that surprises for you may not realize what you have just accomplished until having passed through & altered it.
♦ Geode - assists in 'seeing' the broader view prior to decision making.  It supports clear communication with self & others.  Geode's gift is reminding one that they are free to mold, fashion & create their own reality.  A bridge into the higher planes & manifestation of what you want...not what you don't.  Assists in holding intention to the desired outcome.  Physical: Helpful in treatments associated with the hands, lungs, nervous system.
♦ Horn of Plenty Quartz Crystal - A bridge linking you to the higher realms providing exquisite, pertinent & insightful guidance.  Supports self esteem, self worth, excellence, plenitude & belief in the unlimited.  It is heart energy, with insight & peace clarifying 'the stages of life' & the use & expansion of their gifts.  A stone of enjoyment & creativity.
♦ Lilac Flower Essence - Aligns the spinal column & the energy around it.  Opens & maintains all primary energy centers (chakras) keeping energy flow balanced & supportive. 
 Makia Quartz Crystal - Ancient crystal with tourmaline, rainbows, Reiki & the Mikiala Rei healing energies.  Synergies highest good, law of attraction & law of resonance radiances. 
 Peach Flower Essence - Soothing, gentle, calming & accelerates healing & creative energy by 25-50%, also excellent for muscle retention, balance & body harmony.
♦ Positive Expectation - Proprietary blend to lift & hold your desires & belief in positive outcomes & receiving what you want.  Excellent for directing focus.
♦ Pyrite - Provides a defending/shielding quality against numerous negative frequencies in & through each of the bodies.  Opens & draws nourishing energy into each of the bodies lifting all levels of being.  Especially during self healing
& manifesting).  Pyrite holds the resonance of well-being, flawless health, warmth, impeccability & is an excellent alley in 'seeing' & inherently knowing when to take inner or outer  action.  A stone of the sun, fun, creativity, pleasure & how better to balance the various aspects of one's life.  Physical:  Useful in support of bone structure, composition of the cells, RNA-DNA, bronchitis, lung issues & reduce inflammation. 
 Rhodochrosite - Stone of Love & Balance.  Emits pulsating, loving electrical energy.  Connects one with higher mind, personal universal guides, focus while maintaining groundedness to the earth.  Cleansing/renewing, brings mind, emotions, thoughts & beliefs into harmony assisting in those that are not supportive of your truth thus minimizing the confusion experienced with duality, unlimitedness & the non definable.  Very supportive in allowing one to willingly receive & accept synchronicity & miracles.  Change, acceptance, new awareness from experiences & it's resonance is often perceived as a golden ray of gentle, encompassing light & love. 
♦ Rosophia - Heart energy & co-creation with Source.  Nourishing & inspiring, gentle yet balancing while working powerfully with the earth radiance.  It positions one into the best of the best in all aspects of their being.  An excellent essence for self healing, expansion, encompassing true harmony & commitment to one's deepest & purest desires.  Very helpful in holding focus during growth & creative processes of all types.  It can discharge disruptive lower vibrations while sustaining the higher elements needed to change & create positive manifestations in one's reality.  Gently guides one's insights when out of alignment with self back into the center core of positive influence. 
♦ Selenite - Clarity of mind, self, surroundings. Helpful in pinpointing potential resistance to abundance & preferred end results as it guides the receiver (you) to adjust thoughts, beliefs & patterns to positive reinforcement of your desires.  Energizing, aligns harmonious energy throughout body & dissolves lower & negative resonances.  Encourages positive action via inner guidance...very positive stone.  Physical:  aligns spine, discharges muddy energy in the auric field & increases flexibility within muscular structure.  Very supportive of the skeletal form & formation (base) of desired creations.  It is foundational energy.
♦ Topaz - Is known as "the stone of true love & success in all endeavors"  
Encourages individuality, creativity, confidence & self trust in decisions while replacing negativity with love & joyfulness. Provides clarity in seeing the 'bigger picture & it's detail' with comfort in cutting through uncertainty, trepidation & over riding doubt. Also establishes a flow of aligning with (the potential) outcome without 'doing'.  Also a 'crystal of potency' it is excellent for visualization & manifestation.  This stone vibrates 'The Law of Attraction'.  Due to it's expansiveness & natural alignment with 'Attraction' this is a powerful energy for self healing at all levels.
♦ Triphylite - Soothing, dispels dismal from character, dissolves heavy/dark thoughts.  Sweeps away oppressive thoughts, replacing them with optimism.
♦ Zinnia Flower Essence - Happiness, excitement, laughter, fun, playfulness & seeing the world & all potential through the inner child without reservation or limitation.  emotionally uplifting.  Instant balancing remedy allowing the emotions, mind & body to relax, feel safe & shift ones direction & energy into interest & curiosity versus fear or reluctance.

When each of the elements are blended together to form a particular product then the frequencies specific to an individual's needs will be drawn to them.  Because each of our elixirs are activated to self adjust to each use, you will resonate and receive only that which supports your growth. 

The ultimate purpose of 'Alignment' is to maintain the core, balance, harmony and consistency of thoughts needed to elegantly sustain your intention, attention, focus and desire.  Your desire manifesting into form is then dependent upon your willingness to have and allowing yourself to receive your dream.

Neither 'The Law of Attraction' process nor 'Alignment' require the use of the other to successfully create what you want.  Combining such tools as "Getting into the Vortex" and understanding the principles of the Law of Attraction can be very helpful.  We do endorse the Abraham-Hicks products listed.  To purchase these items check with, website or your local book store.  Should you go to the Abraham site, do sign up for their free daily email.  Each of Abraham's excerpts are inspiring and assist you in staying on your path of creativity.

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