Archangel Michael & the Cobalt Blue Star

Years ago, long before I realized that I was surrounded by angels, I experienced a most unique phenomena. 
At the time I lived in the mountains of southern California on a land range called Angel Mountain Ranch. Diagonally across the valley, by about 2 miles, was an operating tourmaline mine (a very high vibrating mineral). The house actually sat upon white quartz and black tourmaline deposits. They were all about the yard in varying sizes up to about 70 pounds. The private ranch was adjacent to a very mystical valley just over the ridge from the house. The land about the ranch and where the ridge/valley lay was part of one of the smaller Indian reservations of the area.  

My home was filled with crystals and minerals… The largest one capable of light refraction weighed out at l00 lbs. There were about 8-12 crystals ranging from 50-100 pounds. Each of these crystalline beings resided upon their personal light stand and were arranged in the house to form a light cocoon. These larger beings then fused their radiances with smaller crystals (also on light stands) forming a spectrum of the rainbow frequencies. The result was a temple of light resting upon a tourmaline and quartz mountain.  

The valley was a very magical place and it was there that I began to remember more of who I am. It was there amidst nature, the rock people, and the ancient grandmothers and grandfathers that my spiritual path shifted into its next higher octave of seeking, gathering, absorbing, assimilating and honoring my spiritual journey. 

One evening while on the enclosed sun porch, I noticed a vibrant cobalt blue light across the valley toward the top of the ridge. It was about the size of a glowing blue basketball from several miles away. It usually appeared around 9 pm and after a week I realized that the light had begun to flicker much like Morris code. Later while down by the barn, I looked up to realize that the cobalt light was directly across from one of my major crystals and that they were sending light frequencies back and forth.  

I neglected to mention that no one lived anywhere near the blue light. That entire portion of the hillside was undeveloped without access to electricity. The nearest house was tucked deep in the trees about 4 miles to the left and there was nothing else along the ridge for about 3 miles to the tourmaline mine on the right.

This continued for some four months without fail. And then late one evening while enjoying the nurturing glow of all the crystals, I ventured to the porch to say hello.  To my surprise the light was no longer below the ridge of the hillside but floating about a mile above. Stunned I stood transfixed, my hand resting upon a hundred pound quartz crystal, as I stared upon a magnificent cobalt blue star shimmering upon the horizon. 

From that evening forth, I would feel its presence and it's greeting as the day’s light softened into the sacred glow of night.  This was a special time to me, for as this iridescent blue star began its dance across the heavens so too came the gentle quiet, the mystical, magical peace that only the night time holds.  

There is an old adage "The night gives back what the day takes away".  As those upon mother earth rest, there is a rhythm, a breath, a sound that becomes
evident...  It is soft, gentle, supportive and protective as the Divine Goddess nurtures each of us deep within her heart.

Some three months later I was called to journey to Taos, NM with a return visit to my beloved Sedona. It was 1993 and I would choose to move to Sedona within the year. Beginning my sojourn across the night desert my vision was drawn to the left as I looked upon a sparkling blue light resting slightly above the horizon. With chills running down my back, I blinked and had just about decided I was hallucinating when a very loving, gentle yet powerful being spoke to me of always being beside me sending his light, love, protection and joy. As I was reminded to breathe, he continued to tell me that no matter where I went he would be with me. It was then that I consciously discovered the brilliance of Archangel Michael and ultimately my family of angels and winged light beings. And yes many see Archangel Michael aligned with the purple ray and the stone sugilite. In truth he works with all the major color spectrums. 

For me personally, Michael is the radiance of the Cobalt Blue Ray attuned to Sirius, the doorway of The Goddess and the portal home. Archangel Michael is a guardian of the light, speech, truth and expression.  He with his sword of truth is the grand protector in the realm of the Archangels, the winged beings and a friend to all that seek him. With great joy and a wondrous sense of humor he bestows confidence, strength and wisdom to all those open to his love. 

Note:  It would be years later that via that same 100 lb quartz crystal, Archangel Michael would guide me in recalling specific healing energies, color, and sound therapies originating from Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria and before. It was during this same period that The Mikiala Rei, color, sound, light, love, toning and elixirs would be conjured and dreamed to eventually become the Crystal Elixir Rainbow Essences. 

And so it is with great joy and love that Crystal Elixir Rainbow Essences, liquid stones of light, color and sound, come to you in shimmering bottles of the cobalt blue ray. 

With Blessings of Light & Love,
Sharlleyn ​

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