Consultation Sessions
As an intuitive counselor, Sharlleyn assists you in clarifying your present, clearing away any obstacles, limiting beliefs or attitudes that prevent you from creating the reality that you desire.  You may also be toying with new potential in work, relationships and personal growth with out feeling comfortable in taking the next step.

You may be altering or replacing existing, repetitive patterns and are ready to create positive beliefs and programs without knowing how to elegantly replace the old with the new.

A consultation session enhances change.  It provides insights to  understand and strengthen your present choices or alter your focus allowing you to move away from negative platforms of action. 

A session is tailored to your specific information requirements and the level you work at.  The following examples may be similar to your own questions.  Or you may prefer to explore and receive guidance in defining your spiritual path and present process or a combination there of.

  •  ​am I on my spiritual path?
  •  I feel stuck - how can I move forward?
  •  how do I align with my heart's desires?
  •  how do I create more of what I want?
  •  how can I clear blockages & resistance?
  •  how do I write new patterns & positive endings? 
  •  counselors/guides, do I have them?  
  •  how do I develop a clearer relationship with them?
  •  can I heal or improve present relationships?
  •  how to change my financial structure?
  •  how can I create a wonderful romantic relationship?
  •  I want to create more fun, passion & joy in my life...

​If desired, Sharlleyn can access and assist you in clearing deeply buried imprints, experiences and beliefs that are effecting your present in less than desirable ways.  When these patterns exist they can create limitations slowing your manifestation process down.  

We also work from the base of your personal Law of Attraction points which if desired, we can help you define & alter. 

60 minutes - $ 99.00
45 minutes - $ 80.00
30 minutes - $ 65.00
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Stress, uncertainty and trauma create change in energy flows.  These changes can activate blockages and physical discomfort.  A disruptive energy pattern can be corrected thus enable the body to resume its natural flow of well being.  

Essence of Light© elixirs provide gentle flows of energy to assist one in elegantly activating and sustaining new choices, self empowering actions and confidence in personal well being.  

Note:​  Only doctors & medical practitioners can diagnose, treat & prescribe. 
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