Moving Into The New Dimensions While Alleviating Emotional Peaks & Valleys

"Heart" is an amazing breakthrough elixir to amalgamate & integrate the new energy radiances without confusion, fear, uncertainty. doubt, chaos or mental & emotional overload.  

The purpose of "Heart" is to bring all the energetic bodies and the physical body together via the heart center while neutralizing any overload or stress feelings. 

Please know that you are absorbing massive amounts of light particles as we make these dimensional shifts. You are refining your ability to take them into your consciousness and all of your bodies while also experiencing DNA changes to accomplish and support this same feat.

You create your own reality and with the new paradigm constantly
changing and expanding your body's emotional evaluative powers can seem to be in non function mode or missing altogether.  Not so!  You may feel great upon rising and out of sync as the day proceeds.  Your daily events may function in order yet your brain, mind and body  experience irregular or unsettled sensations, attitudes & erratic energy patterns.  None of the above is uncommon:  "Heart" was created to alter this very sense of chaos by aligning and sustaining you in your center.

We offer in depth insights on the individual elixirs knowing this information can trigger additional connecting elements for you.  All combination formulas provide a synergy of frequencies.  Your body draws upon the specific ones it prefers.  

  ♥  Kunzite:  Aligns heart, throat & brow emitting a soft peaceful, safe, settled energy as it encourages forward movement with refinement & ease.  Dissolves & transmutes negative energy while identifying the steps to take for positive resolution.  Lifts depression, increases self-esteem,  establishes a protective field around the auric body.  Assists in attaining deeper levels of meditation & encourages the enchanted perception of the healthy inner child while utilizing adult clarity & reasoning. 
Physical: Kunzite has been used to balances the entire cardiovascular system on the physical & cellular level.  To strengthen heart muscles, the lungs, circulatory functions, tissue regeneration, resolve eye, kidney, lumbar issues & remove stress related dis-ease & energy blockages.  Kunzite radiates personal & physical well being. 
  ♥  Morganite: An activator of the heart, relationship harmony, compassion, ease of accepting & expressing emotions in all forms. Clarity from spiritual guides, communication, understanding & strengthens connectedness with personal counsel, guides & your source. Excellent ally for expansion of 
growth & higher alignment.  This stone has depth of information from early planetary development.. it can act as a 'teller of tales' increasing memory of self & the planet from other times.  A gentle yet strong & expansive energy.
Physical: Upper respiratory issues, clears & strengthens lungs, breath & deeper body oxygenation & balances the cellular structure.  Supports nervous system, increases vitamin assimilation,  A stone that harmonizes inner calm & centeredness.
   ♥  Rhodochrosite: Stone of 'love & balance'.  Provides access to higher realms of thought. Strengthens self identity & capacity to function with clarity & direction. Radiates a golden sphere of light supporting change & creativity within self & reality. Lifts tendencies of avoidance, doubt, denial. Increases
calm relaxed states of harmony, acceptance & inner guidance.  Excellent to incorporate new insights with clarity, openness, practical evaluation while capitalizing on new perspectives, ideals, potential & solutions.
Physical:  Clears sluggishness & energizes physical body. Purifies & renews lower chakras, supportive of kidneys, pancreas, spleen.  Grounds & stabilizes without heaviness. Assists in digestion, heart & pulse & hormonal balance.    
   ♥  Rhodonite:  Alleviates anxiety, confusion, mental unrest. Calming, assures confidence & increases self-worth in all activities.  Stone of 'love' assists in accomplishing the greatest potential in desired goals, intentions & expansion at all levels.  Encourages 'brotherhood of man', self acceptance, compassion for self & others & exponential perspectives of life experiences & all types of relationships. 
Physical:  Strengthens inner ear, bone tissue, hearing resolution & sound patterns.  Supportive of lung issues, joints, muscular tightness, heart, throat &
upper respiratory disorders.
     Rose Quartz:  Gently removes & transmutes negative energy, confusion & unease with emotions.  Draws all types of discord out of the body(s), healing, dissolves pain with directed intention, enhances personal expression, works with all the chakras, aligns with gentle, nurturing love of self & others. Brings confidence, higher self-esteem. Excellent for understanding, allowing & expressing all forms of love.  Opens heart center, physical, emotional, all the bodies & can evolve one into the 'high heart' to a deeper connection & actual 'feeling' of your Source energy, their love & the love being sent to you.  Rose Quartz is usually underestimated in its spectrum of healing & transformational capabilities.  A soft, gentle ally that opens its heart to you, encouraging your trust of self to open, receive & express your emotions & true being.  
​Physical:  Cleansing with positive impact at cellular level. Dissolves tension, gruffness, shifts anger, softens the energy field of persons & locality (great to mist in rooms).   Excellent prior to bed for deeper sleep, supportive of the kidneys, liver, circulation, adrenal glands, lungs, bronchials, thymus, heart, pulse, relieves panic, fear, stress & softens wrinkles.
   ♥  Gold: Master Healer, radiance of the sun, dates back into Lemuria. It is the great balancer in its impact on the body(s) complete.
Physical: Balances heart chakra, circulatory flows, thymus, can rejuvenate entire endocrine system, muscular tissues, nervous system. Tissue regeneration  of heart, pancreas, spleen; supportive of neuron & cellular tissues of brain & skeletal structure to name but a few.  

Note:  We highly recommend using this elixir together with 
Ruby & Kyanite  for dynamic results in balance, growth & self healing.

Resources: Gem elixirs & Vibrational Healing #1; Gurudas.  Love is in the Earth; Melody.  Crystal Bible; Judy Hall.

MistSpritz 1-2 x upon chest & can include a 3rd spritz from back of neck down spine; 2-3 x daily or as desired. Can be applied directly upon skin or over clothing. 
The common usage of vibrational & gem elixirs is 1 – 3 times daily. Because each person is unique in response to energy, always follow your inner guidance for drop amount and frequency of use.  
​Note: 1 spritz is equal to 2 drops of liquid.

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are available to assist in clarity, healing, growth & abundance.  But you must ask. 

It is Very Important to drink adequate amounts of water. You are moving energy through your body & water is the conduit supporting this.  Four to six glasses per day is suggested.  


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