Ruby/Kyanite Together
Essence of Light

Additional Tools Along The Way

We are learning to live and function in new vibrational patterns of the 4th, 5th & 6th dimensions. To accomplish this feat it is necessary to clear away energy that prevents forward movement. These vibrational imprints usually re-enact or repeat periodically causing frustration, discontent and perhaps a lack of fulfillment in one or more areas of your life. Wherever they show up or eke out of, they are usually ultimately draining and deplete one's happiness, joy, excitement and enthusiasm.   

Or, you may be totally in alignment with the release of 'old things' yet find yourself feeling scattered due to the often intense influx of new energy and or present concerns taking place in your daily life.

Throughout this year and especially over the last 30 days, The universe has provided amazing and diversified downloads of energy. These explosions of light, color, sound and yes love are here to assist in transmuting buried and disruptive memories should there be any.  They are also here to provide expansion in your range of life force, love, joy and new possibility.

The combination of these two products will provide a blessed and peaceful addition to your life.  Working together they tone down or eliminate these massive rushes of energy.  It is like turning the dial from high speed to medium low allowing you to gather it all while assimilating it at your individual pace.  Phew... you can breath more deeply and with greater ease!

Heart gathers, blends, synergizes, stabilizes and strengthens  the flows of energy while gently dispersing them throughout you. 
Ruby & Kyanite are excellent for 'sweeping away' any type of lower vibration or build up of energy.  This elixir calms the emotions while strengthening & stabilizing your foundations to allow for an ease of their expression & or release.  Ruby is also a primary heart energy.

If you've been dealing with specific issues for awhile we offer the following suggestions to ensure permanent release and change.
​1... If you awaken feeling a bit 'edgy' or 'uncertain' use both elixirs immediately.  It will dissipate any fragments of processing done in the dream state.  Usually the cloudiness will shift immediately. 
2... Get clear about what you want changed.  If you aren't certain what is preventing your growth, in a specific area, then ask your spiritual counsel.  Insist that Source MAKE CERTAIN that you receive clear information as to the base imprint or point of origin that you are seeking.  (i.e. what is buried in your subconscious).  
3... Ask your counsel if they will remove these imprints, beliefs or emotions.  If the response is NO, then ask why not?  They will inform you!  This might be relayed in a dream as you see a child with hands upon hips telling an authority figure "don't you interfere until I demand your help". Yikes! Or perhaps you hear yourself say the very belief that is locked in.  Fantastic! 
Note:  It is important to understand that Not everyone 'hears' their Source in a word by word format.  BUT if you are determined to know then you shall!
Mini Note: That does not mean to ask for help as you say or think...
"but I never get a response or hear them".  Guess what, you have just instructed the universe & your group to do just that!  To make certain that you never get a response or hear them.  Oops!  And each of us are given what we ask for!
4... Requesting to have this done at night, in dreams, or meditation can make all the difference.  Then comes patience for it may take a few days even several weeks for you to allow yourself to release that which you desire.  Spirit does everything instantly...if there is a delay
it can be us resisting that which we have asked for or it may be the time it takes for us to process and let go.  The latter is often contrary to what we say outwardly.  "I am so ready to let go of this"... while inside a voice says "gee, what will it look/feel like after I make this change?" That unknown can feel a bit scary thus slowing the process a bit.
5... Be patient with yourself.  If you are altering old patterns, you have carried them inside your brain, beliefs and thoughts for awhile.
The change is immediate yet your willingness to react to the old habit  may take you just a bit of time to polish.   Please keep using the products with the intention of change and knowing that you are, even when it may still appear otherwise.

SPECIAL HELP - Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self walk right along side you.  Their commitment to you is always to assist you in clarity, healing, growth and abundance.  They love and honor you so much that they will not interfere in your life unless you ask.  They always hear and respond immediately.  Will you allow yourself to receive their guidance?   

Especially Important during periods of change is ingesting a plentiful amount of water.  You are moving energy and emotions through your body & water is the conduit supporting this.  Four to six glasses per day is suggested.  More if guided by your inner being.  Water increases the release speed with so much more ease.
Using Heart &