Ruby & Kyanite

Essence of Light
Relinquishing & Dispelling The Old While Becoming The New Radiance of You 

An extraordinary ally to 'sweep away' residual issues or newly surfacing components that are ready to be dissolved.  This combination gently eradicates stagnant frequencies while attracting brilliant radiances to establish, reinforce & strengthen new foundations.     

Ruby & Kyanite essence was created from a single stone of Ruby & Kyanite.  We share with you the individual & synergistic detail because of the single & combination range of usage & impact.

Kyanite:  Never requires cleaning!  It is gentle & calming yet delves deeply into complex energy patterns to clear and elevate them. When needed and with intentions, it can move mountains of lower vibrations into the higher.  This stone acts as a conduit to channel infinite particles of the rainbow spectrums into the refreshed chakras, auric shield and hollowed out clearings.  A versatile stone that automatically aligns & balances chakras & the subtle bodies while positively influencing cellular & DNA structures.  Increases inner active ability of the throat, heart & brow chakras inclusive of the pituitary & pineal glads. Opens range of contact & communication from your angelic & higher (inner) being counselors.  Sweeps blockages, cords & attachments away (when you are ready & willing to allow it). Excellent to use in minimizing & clearing negative impressions brought in from other life experiences. 
Physical:  Positive influences on disorders of the muscular, adrenals, urogenital system, glands & brain.

Ruby: A heart chakra power of Divine & personal love that has been revered by ancients for body & mental renewal, emotional affection, passion, majesty, inner guidance, strength of character & direction, as a protective shield when mounted in gold & to reweave/expand the auric field.  Increases self-awareness, esteem, acceptance & personal evaluative powers.  It can soften & transmute emotional ranges such as anger & depression due to its master connection to the heart, both physical & high or spiritual heart.  Increases capacity to draw in & utilize positive light/energy.  Re-establishes & renews base imprints from Source of compassion, self-expression, eternal love & longevity.  Stabilizes foundational & Kundalini energy throughout physical, subtle & cellular levels.
Physical:  Positive influence on the bioscalar energy levels, cellular, auric & structural systems due to heart & thymus vibrational frequencies.  Ruby is considered a Master Healer with its capacity to effect emotional clearing that reduces or clears physical dis-cord & issues.  Has been used in issues of the heart, blood, lungs, fever, amplifies detoxification, impresses deep structural alignment & clears memory to your original imprints of health & well being.  Ruby stimulates & recharges energy levels.

An elixir of power to gently & profoundly clear, draw in the new, stabilize, expand, express, impress, process & integrate while protecting your entire bubble of consciousness.  This energy includes personal changes & the dimensional shifts taking place at all levels.  
Note:  We encourage the use of a partner elixir called Heart.  Both are exceptional alone & when used together bring about extraordinary insights, awareness, well being & growth.

Distilled water, (Ruby & Kyanite stone) alcohol as the holding agent.

Mist:  Spritz 1-3 x along back or front of chakras, on specific areas of body or in a circular fashion around body from head downward.  Can be applied directly upon skin or over clothing. 
Apply:  1 - 3 x daily as desired
The common usage of vibrational & gem elixirs is 1 – 3 times daily. Because each person is unique in response to energy, always follow your inner guidance for drop amount and frequency of use.  
​Note: 1 spritz is equal to 2 drops of liquid.

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are available to assist in clarity, healing, growth and abundance. But you must ask. 

It is Very Important to drink adequate amounts of water. You are moving energy through your body & water is the conduit supporting this.  Four to six glasses per day is suggested.  
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