Transmuting non organic frequencies into light based energy 

Using Energy Clear & Faerie Dust to clear away chemical residue & increase the nutritional value of food.  

Energy Clear - neutralizes lower vibrational frequencies. On a technical level Yarrow flower and essences made from it are highly protective in transmuting radiation, computer frequencies, household electrics and business equipment vibrations including cell phone discordance. The radiation wave patterns are disrupted by the umbrella like configuration of the flowers. Both the plant and the radiation waves travel in the same format. Science has proven that the convergence of two like waves creates a dispersion of the pattern. In this case the yarrow frequencies neutralize the negative energy and radiation waves.  

The second ingredient of this elixir is Pennyroyal flower essence. It is highly effective in dissolving lower vibrational or thought form patterns. Basically everything in our reality originates from thought that with intention and attention merge together to create form. This combination was blended to clear those collective patterns that are either lower, negative or no longer desired.  With the addition of a proprietary blend of crystalline light the freshly cleared spaces are immediately filled with light frequencies.  For more detail see:   
Energy Clear 

Faerie Dust – is a proprietary blend of light, color and crystal frequencies activated by the faerie and angelic realms.  

I was introduced to 'light patches' years ago during a Reiki session with a client having a repressed tissue renewal capacity.  Toward the end of the session a group of faerie beings appeared (in thought) inquiring if my client would allow them to assist her with 'light patches'?  Her response was yes, followed by immediate warmth across her tummy.  The etherically applied 'patch' was used to further sustain the Reiki with an on going energy supply until her strength and stamina returned.  (She had just come through a series of extensive surgical procedures.)  Upon her next Reiki session she informed me that the incisions had healed rapidly and without need of any additional surgical procedures.  

By using the same spectrums generated by rainbows, sunbeams and moonbeams we were able to design a liquid equivalent to the 'patches'.  The filaments consist of light, color - inclusive of the violet ray, sound and a charge of electromagnetic frequencies compatible with our own.   The energy moves in a spiral pattern continuously drawing in, synergizing and distributing the light/color molecules throughout the body and auric field or surface it is applied to.  For additional detail see:  Faerie Dust

Like so many individuals, I prefer fresh organically grown foods. With the present farming practices and issues around non GMO crops it isn't always possible to obtain the quality desired.

As a Reiki Master I have used the Reiki energy to clear foods, supplements and other properties. Then several years ago I was guided, by my angelic group, to spritz Energy Clear over foods with the intention of clearing the chemical residue.  At first I experimented with fresh vegetables. I would mist over what I had purchased, ask for them to be cleared of chemical residue and lifted to a higher frequency.  

About a month into this I decided to follow up with Faerie Dust due to its ability to activate and disperse concentrated light particles thus lifting energy to a higher resonance. Upon doing so I became clearly aware of the difference in taste, freshness, smell, ripeness, flavor, sweet/sour range, density (no longer a grainy texture) and that my body was very pleased with these changes.  

Upon further experimentation I began using both elixirs with all foods…canned items, frozen vegetables, dry staples, meat, cheese, produce and seasonings.  At this point my intention expanded to specifying that each of the foods be lifted in resonance to "the highest organic level".  For items that could be rinsed, I did.... and obviously some could not which didn't lessen the energetic change or clearing capacity of the foods.  With further attention I noted improved flavor, freshness, texture, sweetness, digestion and assimilation of ingredients including nutrients.  

I began carrying a small bottle of each to use during travel or when I ate out. The difference in restaurant and periodic ‘fast food’ meals was impressive… definitely more palatable. 

Then one evening a fun test came about.  I had discovered an open bottle of red wine and was about to empty the contents into the sink (well over 2 weeks old) when I heard Archangel Raphael suggest that I spritz Faerie Dust into it.  I giggled thinking… right!  But then it occurred to me that he wasn’t joking and that well, Faerie Dust activates light particles removing lesser frequencies thus elevating energy to its optimum levels… Okay, why not… worst scenario, a bitter taste and the remains to the sink.  Well, I was definitely in for a surprise! The wine was as smooth as the first glass.  Replacing the cork, I retested it the next night only to find the same results.  The Faerie Dust had neutralized the effects of the oxidation, bitterness and acidity levels. Should you like to 'play' with this... add a spritz or 2 to the bottle and then a spritz in each individual glass as you use it.

​In working with crystals, elixirs, energy healing and spiritual concepts
​for so many years I have found my personal space of 'just knowing' that something is 'right' when it is.  Most often my group will further endorse information with direct answers or some type of synchronistic proof.  Which is what took place when they urged me to detail the use of the Duo on site.  

The results listed are based upon my personal experimentation and truth.  If in the process of reading the above material you are drawn to its message and usage then so be it.    

Energy Clear:  Distilled water, essences (Pennyroyal, Yarrow, Thyme, Quartz Crystal, Essence of Light) less than 0.5% alcohol as holding agent
Faerie Dust:  It's base is distilled water, essences (a proprietary blend of Sunbeams, Moonbeams, Rainbows, Crystals, Love, Faerie & Angelic Joy) less than 0.5% alcohol is the holding agent. 

Mist:  Shake, spritz 1-2 mists upon foods or beverages.  Veggie's & fruits can be dipped in E.Clear water, rinsed and stored or I usually do my shopping, place all the foods upon the counter, then mist above them, move my hand across while Asking for all foods to be cleared to the highest organic & nutritional level.  
To complete, spritz 1-2 mists of F.Dust.  Even when using organic foods I still apply F.Dust.  

The process is very simple because you are working with energy that has been activated to automatically transmute lesser frequency waves.  In addition, you have set your intention by the use of the above or your own affirmation and the universe knows how to do this quite efficiently.  I have worked with this process for so many years that I can feel the energy changing before I even complete the affirmation.  

Because everything I design is in co-creation with the angels, healing realms, crystal beings and source, both your angelic group & mine know how each of these elixirs work, their effects & most appropriate application.   I am elated to have such a simple & inexpensive way to increase the value of my food. And, the more I use this Duo the more I am invited to use it.  Often a thought will pop in...oh yes, I can use E.C & F.D in this way... I usually find myself grinning with "thanks, I'll try that".  We have fun together and in the process my life has become so much easier, richer and filled with the unexpected because my intention is to include them in everything I do... 

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are always available to assist in amounts, frequency of use, process and effects.  In order to obtain this, you must ask for their assistance.

I keep my bottles by the stove & generally apply EC & FD while cooking or serving.
Boiled eggs, in water & at serving
Always cooking water, even spring
All meats, vegetables, fruits (cooked or fresh), pasta, grains, bread, pastry,
sauces, milk & nut milk products, dressings, condiments, desserts, seasonings, beverages, wine, cereals, breads, especially anything premade, packaged or frozen due to lose of freshness.  
Coffee, if the coffee is organic then the FD over the grounds. Certainly over the water & I personally like a spritz of 'Silver Shungate'.
I like coffee strong so spritz FD after pouring
Also FD on the organic for it lifts the frequencies even higher.
The fun part is as you become familiar with the new resonance of your foods, experiment & request suggestions from counsel for additional uses.

Blessings & enjoy,

Disclaimer:  The above product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Essence of Light elixirs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Contact your physician or health care practitioner for the treatment of illness.
Energy Clear 
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