A Soft, Soothing, Silky Resonance That Quickly Brings Balance, Harmony & Clear Thinking Into Your Energy Field

'Rescue Calm Plus' minimizes & prevents the effects of sudden & or on going emotional confusion, trauma, stress & assists in the release of old non supportive patterns that can trigger negative actions.

Whether moving through a somewhat normal day, dealing with intensity, change, stressful work, emotions or chaos this is a must elixir to have at all times.

This elixir can be used for all types of harmony and balance.  It's ingredient base is very appropriate for obtaining optimum calming effects with anyone.  The first formulation of this was created specifically for our 'Kitty Calm' elixir.  It's use was so quick and thorough that within several days I was nudged by AA Raphael to create a new 'mother level base' with the same individual ingredients and activate it specifically for human beings.  Upon  completion I applied it and was delighted with the soothing results.  

 My personal opinion is that this elixir is like Rescue Remedy only so much more and specifically harmonized for individual usage.  

Every part of each of our lives is literally being created as we think it, dream it and desire it.  You need not agree with my beliefs!  For those  aligning with this personal awareness then you know that everything is energy created by our thoughts and emotions.  This base universal law is extraordinary for it makes anything and everything possible.  As well, you also know that we are constantly (as is our reality & world) in a state of change, growth and new potential.  For further insights on 'energy enhancers' & elixirs, please read the following:  How Elixirs Work.

By understanding the individual vibrations that are available in this elixir you can obtain a better perspective on how it can assist and support you.
 Bluebell (flower) over sensitivity to outside influences.  This can be sound (loud voices), groups of people, work environment, emotions such as anger, frustration, depression, even illness.  Some individuals have thinner or very acute perception in their auric body.  So much so that they experience pain or energetic bombardment when subjected to some of the above.  This elixir provides a shield to minimize the impact of stress, fright & panic while stabilizing their energy field.   
♥ Peach (flower) deep seated melancholy, past trauma carried forth into the present, reenactment of pain, shock, grief, uncertainty even shyness.  This essence provides wonderful restorative, gentle & soothing qualities to first temper, reduce then remove these issues & patterns.  Peach has an additional quality of being a universal amplifier capable of accelerating self healing time by 25-50%.  
 Rock Rose (flower) an emergency rescue remedy for cases that may appear hopeless.  Very effective in sudden experiences such as accidents, illness, fright, fear, shock & extreme bewilderment.  
 Rose Quartz (crystal) gentle, calming, soothing, initiates self-love & loving others. Restores clarity to the emotions & balance to the mind after trauma, crisis & shock.  It brings in peacefulness & a sense of security as it heals emotional wounds.  Stimulates life force while releasing stress & tension.  On a physical level it has been used to strengthen the kidneys & adrenals,  release pain, calm & strengthen the heart & balance both in the emotions & body.
♥ Warratah (flower) draws energy into the energy centers (chakras) & auric field for rapid relief from shock, intense fear, feelings of disassociation, abandonment, despair & even self destructive behavior.  It is especially helpful during times of personal loss, intense illness, sadness & change. This elixir works immediately to lift trauma of all types.
 Yarrow (flower) strengthens the integrity of the auric or outer energy field of the body.  It dissolves lower vibration electrical waves, energy & negative thought form including emotions.  Soothing while establishing & holding a protective shield around the body.  It actually draws light into the energy centers or chakras increasing, harmony, balance, healing & well being.
 Zinnia (flower) lifts the emotions, especially helpful for those unable to respond to playfulness, fun, joy & happiness.  The entire energy field becomes lighter.  Excellent as an instant balancing remedy allowing the emotions, mind & body to relax, feel safe & shift ones direction & energy into interest & curiosity versus fear or reluctance.
 Note: There is one more primary ingredient in  Rescue Calm Plus that I will address:
 Love - It is the core & woven throughout the molecules of each ingredient. As you allow the harmonizing & well being to take effect; as a pattern is erased, an immediate flow of love envelopes the cleared area.   It is the love that secures the self confidence that you are seeking to achieve by clearing anything that is of a lower vibrational rate.  It is also the 'glue' that brings everything together!
 Base:  Distilled water, essences & holding agent (non alcoholic)
​♥ This elixir is literally a human rescue remedy!

After reading about the effects of each ingredient you will find it easy to imagine how this elixir can assist you at just about any level of your being.  For some, the use of this elixir will be primarily for calming and balance without need to alter patterns or lift stagnant energy.  This is one of the amazing factors of Rescue Calm Plus!  It is multi faceted and can be beneficially utilized by everyone!

​Most individuals will not have a use for each and every ingredient frequency every time they apply Rescue Calm Plus.  The beauty of our inner guidance is that we draw to ourselves only what we need at any given time with the rest becoming neutral.  What is especially fascinating is that tomorrow you may apply the elixir utilizing an entirely different combination of ingredients based upon your activities and emotional makeup.  I have also found this elixir be helpful when needing more sleep or feeling rundown from lack of such.  It can be a gentle pick-me-up.    

As we prepare the master elixir we set the intention for the product to self adjust to exactly what the individual taking it needs at that time, be it now or in the future.  Reiki healing, the angels, faeries and Source energy is also activated.  I believe there are light beings, master healers & angelic beings that work with each of our products because I have requested that to be so.  In this way issues, that we have no awareness of can be addressed via the use of the elixir.  We need merely request additional assistance to alter and change specific patterns or experiences that are being expressed.  If we desire to make deep changes and are willing to receive additional help then the release of non productive habits will be done.  

Note:  Please be patient on the latter!  Most of us have acquired specific habits and patterns over time.  As much as we may desire to release something instantly, when we have deep emotions attached there can be a bit of resistance in fully allowing that to happen.  The  resistance can come up when one feels uncertain as to what to replace the old with.  Here again the elixir assists in filling the newly emptied areas with light and loving energy.    

Mist:  Shake then spritz 1-3 x along the chakra systems (especially around solar plexus area where stress can sit).  Works great upon forehead and also along spine when addressing lower back energy build up.  Use anytime when feeling anxious, unsettled or even slightly disrupted.  During a crisis or emergency apply 1-3 x daily as desired.  Try 1-2 spritzes then see if you need more after about 5-10 minutes.        

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guides & counselors are always available & so willing to assist in clarity & healing, but they are limited until we ask.  You aren't asking for permission for anything.  You are, by asking for help, giving them permission to use everything available to them to create what you are requesting or better.  

Water is the conduit that moves energy through our bodies.  We suggest that you drink 4-6 glasses per day or more.  If at any time your tummy feels tight or you feel achy drink several more glasses and that will clear almost instantly.   

Disclaimer:  The above product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Essence of Light elixirs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Contact your physician or health care practitioner for the treatment of illness.
Rescue Calm Plus
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