Bridging Dimensions & Maintaining You Center During the Chaos of Change

This combination provides a stable bridge to ease the shifts & enjoy the process of moving into the 4th & 5th dimensions with clarity, anticipation, excitement & balance.  It provides understanding & a sense of detachment during the dramatic energy of change. 

In the last 12-15 years the word ascension is commonly used to explain an extensive range of physical, mental, emotional & planetary changes.  

Humanity, for a long while, has pretty much functioned inside a fenced playpen with all types of do’s, don’t(s), can’t(s), shouldn’t(s), confinement and over all limitation.  For all the potential freedom we have we haven’t been taught or encouraged to use our imaginations, creativity or ‘think out of the box’. The short of our personal process is that our entire bio molecular structure has/is changing from carbon to crystalline, increased DNA, healthy genetic imprints and longevity to mention but a few. Our bodies are experiencing dramatic changes that can feel like going through adolescence on steroids!

With the present planetary upheaval the following are quite common.  Feelings of being in limbo; tiredness, uncertainty, confusion, indecisiveness, mood swings, boredom, edginess, restlessness, excessive appetite changes, lack of purpose or direction, uncertainty about profession, residential  relocation, loss of longstanding relationships, anger, frustration and these can be laced with sorrow, grief, depression or sadness even hopelessness and without knowing the origin.  

HOW THIS ELIXIR WORKS - It was created to literally ReBoot you to a
safer, calmer and more centered space to function from.
     ReBoot elixir activates your body's natural support in the following attributes: Courage, stability, renewed life force, inspiration while clearing away foggy issues, misconceptions, untruths and disorder thus providing a new path to center and build upon.  Old thought patterns are released.  You feel more grounded with composure, ease in managing life conditions and excitement in making changes.  The nervous system is calmed allowing in more insights and clarity enabling a stabilizing/grounding energy to make supportive changes. 
With all the confusion and chaos present it is easy to feel powerless in creating our own reality.  And like an update on your computer, a new angle can be made available creating more ease in function and manageability.     

​Autunite – Encourages & allows the greatest results of change. Brings about stability & understanding of the positive influences activated by the changes. Deepens ability to complete actions, soothes temperament & harmonizes.  
Biotite – Part of the Mica group of stones. Encourages clear assessment & rational appraisal of your personal & global reality while enabling insights beyond the obvious & openness to new solutions. With desire & intention there is clarity & openness to the ‘out of the ordinary’ enabling ease in assimilating change at all levels. 
Black & Blue Kyanite – Stone never needs cleansing…therefore rejects & transmutes negative & lower vibrations. Aligns all chakras & brings emotional & mental bodies into stability & harmony with physical especially during change & expansion. Encourages clarity of thought & action, communication, cooperation while dispelling anger, depression, struggle & apathy. The black is very protective, increases natural auric shields & calms while the Blue brings in creativity, curiosity, playfulness & openness to new potential.
Bridge Quartz Crystal – links inner/outer relationships, worlds (personal & global), thought; new concepts & strong foundations beyond past experience or limitation. Solid 'plate' of energy supporting change without confusion or chaos.
Fluorite – Discourages chaotic, disorganized, confusing & disruptive actions. Allows one to absorb the energy of shifts, incorporate them into each of the bodies & soothes the mental awareness when experiencing problems or paradoxical information. Attention span & detail increased with emotional detachment & calm.  Known as a master balancer!  Increases creativity, clears  mental blocks or resistance. Enhances wellness at all levels.
Gold – Master healer & metal element. Encourages beauty & the highest in all things as it lifts one’s capacity to ‘see’ & experience the same.  Uplifts character, personality traits, enthusiasm, curiosity, vitality, resolve, desire to explore the new & uncharted. Strengthens resolve, positive will, completion & success. Gold gives you that ‘standing tall’ boust to remind you to 'take charge' in the ways that you can... changing thoughts and actions, thereby creating more and more of what you want... i.e. taking your personal power back!
Green Rose – Balancing for the brain & all bodies.  Enhances psychic abilities, spiritual healing & talents.” “The color green is an isolated spectrum, a wave length similar to the pathways that telepathic energy travels.” Calming to those with strong intuitive gifts & for those resistant to using them. Balancing to the 
pituitary & pineal glands, expands inner action with guides, angels & spirit. 
Heulandite – “Evolution, activation of latent capacities, awakening the higher brain functions, discovering & utilizing the light body” (Book of Stones)
Magnetite –  Balances energy flow & maintains groundedness.  Increases vitality, is protective, stabilizing & brings a ‘clear thinking’ perspective into mental & emotional activities.  Increases endurance, tenacity, positive attitude, choice & new solutions with a release of non productive habits & actions.
Moonstone – The Goddess, going within, exploring one’s true capacities, insights, hopes, dreams, compassion, creativity (all levels), encourages exploring mysteries of life, love, healing & self discovery.
Satyaloka Quartz Crystal – Expanded spiritual awakening, planetary consciousness, deeper connection to higher counsel. Balance, harmony, calmness, centeredness. with positive expectation. Brings in wisdom & newness
All of the above have a powerful base of calm centering while expanding awareness.​

Essence of Light

 I really like ReBoot!   
It has a wonderful 
uplifting “buzz” 
to it & after reading 
the description,
all I can say is 
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