Renewal Of Mental Recall & Awareness

This elixir assists in strengthening weakened memory function.  It enhances clarity, focus, recall, understanding, minimizes stress, forgetfulness & memory lapse.  Especially helpful for natural aging & mental/emotional duress.  Memory & Left-Right Balance are an excellent duo for improved brain function.

There is an overall alignment of the 7 primary energy vortexes of the body called chakras.  As this activates, the throat and solar plex chakras can more readily provide clarity in perception, the retention and recall of ideas, increased attention span, insight, cohesive thought patterns and visual cognizance. 

This elixir is calming to the brain functions while 'clearing away' foggy energy having accumulated due to over activity, stress, chemicals and natural aging.  Due to the specific combination of ingredients one will find a gentle groundedness that assists in  ascertaining what information, situations, feelings, thoughts and choices provide the most suitable outcomes.  There is a lessening of confusion, befuddlement and uncertainty while 'brightening' one's insights, creative thought, enthusiasm and organizational abilities.  

The 8th Chakra or Auric Field surrounding the body is cleansed releaving negative or lower vibrational energies that can create distortion, confusion and chaotic memory patterns.  This process renews insight and clarity  Memory elixir assists in increasing one’s self-approval, goal accomplishment and discrimination between validity and fiction. Due to upper body meridian alignment, one can experience greater self value and passion in living.  As the cleansing and re-balancing takes place there is an increased renewal of the energetic bodies, thus affecting the wellness of the over all physical body.   This elixir may assist in transforming weakened and degraded conditions of one's thought processes.  

Interestingly enough there is a definite improvement in one's comprehension in discephering and retaining the contents of written transcripts.  As well there is a renewing sense of stabiility and protection with a lessening of one's feelings of vulnerability.  This shift provides an increase in one's sense of preparedness, courage, resourcefulness, centeredness and comfort in being adaptive to all environments.  

Several of the individual ingredients have been known to positively influence cell memory and regeneration.  Another gift is a secure sense of calmness, inner warmth, peace and happiness while one explores the ebbs, flows, changes and growth of living.   

Memory facilitates a sense of 'originality of thought', insightfulness and renewed enthusiasm, coupled with being 'level-headed' and 'in-the-now'.  Also great for students, writers and detail work.

Distilled water, essences (Azulicite, Charoite, Diabanite, Eveite, Katophorite, Platinum, Strontianite, Quartz Crystal) alcohol as the holding agent.

Mist:  Spritz 1 - 3 x around head & down the back of the spine 1 - 2 x daily as desired.  The common usage of vibrational & gem elixirs is 1 - 3 times daily.  Because each person is unique in response to energy, always follow your inner guidance as to frequency of use.  Each spritz is equivalent to 2 drops of liquid.    

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are available to assist in clarity, healing, growth and abundance.  These beings are always around you and you must ask for help to fully receive their loving guidance. 

It is Very Important to drink adequate amounts of water. You are moving energy through your body & water is the conduit supporting this. Four to six glasses per day is suggested.  

Essence of Light