A Master Gem Elixir of Renewal

An advanced, innovative formula designed to awaken & reset the body to its intended 'motherboard' schematic.  Your original format is that of inner strength & well being.  This formula penetrates negative thought waves & distorted imprints which impact your entire energy field.  The symptoms are generally that of a virus run rampant!  

Mother Board Upgrade elixir is a combination of flower & gem essences. It gently neutralizes & dissolves misconstrued energy within & about you. As this transpires each of your bodies (mental, physical, emotional, auric) are able to 'upgrade' to your higher vibrational patterns.

Imagine your body functioning much like a computer. In your normal daily actions your body is subjected to all manner of obscure thought patterns, information, microwaves & electrical dis-harmony. It is similar to having your browser open, attracting & downloading every site on the web. Because of this exposure, it is highly beneficial to have an energy support system that counteracts ‘malware & viruses’. Mother Board Upgrade is an enhancer created to support your positive core imprints & systems.

Distilled water, essences (Rainbow Mayanite Qtz Crystal, Aventurine, Opal & Flame Aura Quartz, Pansy, Peach, Trummer Jasper, Rutile, Copper) less than 5% alcohol as the holding agent.

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Mother Board
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