Provides A Soothing, Peaceful, Secure, Relaxed & Safe Energy Field

'Kitty Calm' minimizes & prevents the effects of sudden & or on going emotional confusion, trauma, stress & the release of old non supportive patterns.

Whether it is a trip to the vet's, adjustment time for a new kitty in your home, continuous shyness, fear of others or a stressful environment,  this is a must elixir to have at all times.

Our feline companions are very special beings that tune into us, our energy, often our thoughts and even our emotions.  Sometimes we become so involved in our day to day experiences that we neglect to make certain that their little worlds feel safe, clean, clear and happy for them.  Knowing how sensitive these little ones can be is why 'Kitty Calm' was created.  

​It has been my fortune to have the gift of animal communication. It is different than speaking with humans for the information can emerge as random thoughts, sentences or combinations of images, words, emotions and experiences.  The phenomenal benefit of this has been a deep understanding of the unconditional love, commitment, trust and intellect that animals possess and share with us.  Their questions, desire to please, needs, concerns and compassion are often amazing and humbling.  

So often just taking a few moments to inform cats (animals) of what you are about to do and a bit of detail can bring about amazing results.  This may sound silly, but let me assure you that most humans would be astounded at the words and intentions that cats perceive.  
Actual communication can be accomplished on several levels via thought, verbal words and images.  

I have seen kitties calmly enter cottages, carriers, allow nail trimming, travel and change their conduct due to the courtesy of telling them about upcoming care, experiences and the desires of their human companions.  Sometimes just taking a moment to assure them of your desire or intentions can make all the difference in the world for them to feel comfortable, safe and a real part of your life.

You may not have control over the experiences of your animal prior to adoption (especially if they are a rescue animal), you can however use Kitty Calm during adjustment times, change, emergencies and to alter existing patterns that have unknown origins.

Kitty Calm was created to soften and eliminate potentially stressful experiences and energies taking place in their environment.  Below is a brief description of each essence and why we included it.  Please understand that humans and animals respond and know what is needed to assist and bring about self healing. For further insights on 'energy enhancers', please read the following:  How Elixirs Work.

From their human companions, these special beings need our love, desire to help, understanding and patience.  

 Bluebell (flower) over sensitivity to outside influences.  This can be sound (loud voices), other animals, children (have a different smell & vibration than adults), emotions such as anger, frustration, depression, even illness.  Some humans & animals have thinner or very acute perception in their auric body.  So much so they experience pain or sense of bombardment when subjected to some of the above.  This elixir provides a shield to minimize the impact of stress, fright & panic while stabilizing their energy field.   
♥ Peach (flower) deep seated melancholy, past trauma carried forth into the present, reenactment of pain, shock, grief, uncertainty even shyness.  This essence provides wonderful restorative, gentle & soothing qualities to first temper, reduce then remove these issues & patterns.  Peach has an additional quality of being a universal amplifier capable of accelerating self healing time by 25-50%.  
 Rock Rose (flower) an emergency rescue remedy for cases that may appear hopeless.  Very effective in sudden experiences such as accidents, illness, fright, fear, shock & extreme bewilderment.  
 Rose Quartz (crystal) gentle, calming, soothing, initiates self-love & loving others. Restores clarity to the emotions & harmony to the mind after trauma, crisis & shock.  It brings in peacefulness & a sense of security as it heals emotional wounds.  Stimulates life force while releasing stress & tension.  On a physical level it has been used to strengthen the kidneys & adrenals,  release pain, calm & strengthen the heart & balance both in the emotions & body.
♥ Warratah (flower) draws energy into the energy centers (chakras) & auric field for rapid relief from shock, intense fear, feelings of disassociation, abandonment, despair & even self destructive behavior.  It is especially helpful when animals have experienced intense illness or loss from their human companions.  This elixir works immediately to lift trauma of all types.
 Yarrow (flower) strengthens the integrity of the auric or outer energy field of the body.  It dissolves lower vibration electrical waves, energy & negative thought form including emotions.  Soothing while establishing & holding a protective shield around the body.  It actually draws light into the energy centers or chakras increasing, harmony, balance, healing & well being.
 Zinnia (flower) lifts the emotions, especially helpful for those animals unable to respond to playfulness, fun, joy & happiness.  The entire energy field becomes lighter.  Excellent as an instant balancing remedy allowing the emotions, mind & body to relax, feel safe & shift ones direction & energy into interest & curiosity versus fear or reluctance.
 Note: There is one more primary ingredient in Kitty Calm that I will address.
 Love - It is the core & woven throughout the molecules of each ingredient. As your kitty allows the harmonizing & well being to take effect; as a pattern is erased, an immediate flow of love envelopes the cleared area.   It is this love that secures the self confidence that your special companion is achieving.  It is the 'glue' that brings everything together!
 Base:  Distilled water, essences & holding agent (non alcoholic)
​♥ This elixir is literally a feline rescue remedy!

​Not every kitty will need each & every frequency which is the beauty of our bodies.  We and animals draw to ourselves what we need.  Any thing else becomes neutral. 

As we prepare the master elixir we set the intention for the product to self adjust to exactly what the kitty needs at that time, be it now or in the future.  Reiki healing, the angels, faeries and Source energy is also activated.  I believe there are light beings and 'Kitty Angels' that work with each animal that uses our products because I have requested that to be so.  In this way issues, that we have no awareness of can be addressed via the use of the elixir.  

Everything in our universe is energy and has unique vibrations including words, sounds and names. The vibration of the word dog is loyalty which of course is one of their main characteristics.  For cat it is freedom which is easily recognizable in their personality and actions. The ingredients in Doggy Calm & Kitty Calm are the same.  However each has been blended, activated and energized to respond to their species thus providing a deeper resonance of calming, balancing energies specific to canines & felines.  

Mist:  Shake then spritz 1-2 x several inches above the body over back 1 x daily or 1-2 x daily during a crisis or emergency.  Or spritz upward to the top of the room 1-2 x if guided to allow aeration in the room versus direct body contact.        
   For travel in carriers spritz 1 x inside 3-4 hours prior to pet use.  Then spritz 1 more time just before kitty is placed within.     
   For animals that are highly sensitive or young kitties. spritz 1 time upon your hands, allow them to dry and run hands down back of animal.  The energy will still be felt via the auric field if will be even softer due to the drying first.
   Used in carriers prior to stressful travel or vet visits this is very calming and often will prevent or minimize the animal expressing their fear by yowling.  It is also important to wait about 10 minutes after applying to allow the energy of the elixir to take effect completely.
   We also recommend that you communicate the purpose of the journey & that your kitty will be returning home safely with you when the check up or care is completed.  Usually just prior to leaving or several hours before so that they know what to expect.  
   NOTE:   Some animals respond better to an application every other day allowing for the energy to expand with more subtlety.  The angels will continue to work with them 24-7 assisting in their personal process time.  To know, ask and you will be guided.

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your kitty's guides & counselors are always available & so willing to assist in clarity & healing, but they are limited until we ask.  Animals don't always know that they can work directly with the other realms so it is important for their human companions to request any additional help & healing that is desired.

Water is the conduit that moves energy through our bodies... make certain your animal being has plenty of fresh water available to drink.  If they aren't responding, then ask Archangel Raphael, or any of the angels to remind them to do so.  You can also tell or image to them to drink more. 

Disclaimer:  The above product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Essence of Light elixirs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Contact your vet or health care practitioner for the treatment of pet illness.
Kitty Calm 
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