Changing Blame Into Freedom & Forward Movement

The act of forgiving does not condone actions. It opens the path to releasing the stagnation of the past. This elixir was created to provide an energetic foundation enabling one to expand their insight, clarity, understanding, compassion, willingness to resolve, make peace & forgive self & others.  

To forgive is to ‘take back’ one's right of choice reclaiming their personal power and the capacity to move forward. Blame holds everyone, including the one blaming, in a self-created prison…the sustainer becoming the warden. There is an interesting thought about prisons...  An inmate will either serve his term or die, either way ultimately obtaining liberation. The warden however, reports to work each day and is responsible for maintaining surveillance, structure and punishment for designated crimes.  He is on call 24/7 being the one individual serving an endless sentence.  There is no option for good behavior, clemency or early release!

Forgiving does not necessarily bring about change or even apology from those being forgiven.  What does transpire is the release of stored emotions of blame and victim hood.  One’s choice to lift blame does not take away from the transgression or responsibility of another's actions. It means that the one forgiving is ready to 'let loose', to take back their personal power of choice and to move forward in freedom and peace. 

Sometimes forgiving the actions of another are seemingly impossible.  In such cases insight into the offender's basis of why or real intention can bring about the freedom allowing one to finally receive the gift of forgiveness.  

On occasion one may have continued issues with an individual or situation after genuinely forgiving mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.   Should one reach such a position of exasperation and blockage there may be an additional consideration to ponder.  One may want to inquire of their counsel and inner guidance about the presence of an unaccepted gift. 

A Gift!  Something one hasn’t claimed therefore the situation remains open or current.  The existence of such an emotional gift can re-attract an old situation to provide a 'claiming space' to receive the 'Gift'.  Once received and accepted closure can take place.   Such gifts can come from several arenas.   Often they invite one to recognize their own inner strengths and abilities not previously acknowledged. It may be compassion, understanding, a level of unconditional love or the willingness to perceive what drove the other person(s) to choose such actions. 

Another thought is about the presence or energy that unconsciously drew one to a specific vibration or experience.   Sometimes the 'draw' can come out of situations from childhood or adolescence.  Such energies as being  taken advantage of, lack of truth from others, not feeling loved, valued, accepted and so on.  Once the presence of a pattern is understood the individual can consciously choose to edit the script thereby activating the forgiveness toward everyone involved.   

If there is a positive side to pain and suffering it may be that reaching a point of utter exhaustion and futility one's inner being emerges refusing to remain powerless.   

If one is experiencing the presences of pain, it is real!  In my work I have frequently found many forms of pain to originate from unhealed circumstances and emotional experiences.  Forgiveness can be the activator countering the retention of energy causing discomfort and pain.  Frequently the change can come about so thoroughly to appear miraculous in the lifting of such pain.  

It seems that when one refuses to blame, they hold true to their right to choose.  They maintain the freedom to be in their personal power capable of creating new potential and outcomes.   In the state of 'blaming' the statement one makes is: You did this to me!  You are more powerful than I!  I am helpless to take action!  I am a victim! 

Please understand that in the experience of the 'offense' one was in fact a victim.  At that time the offender had self authority and power and was taking action over.   It also seems that when we hold true to the 'lock in' of being victimized we continue to remain powerless which can prevent choice in the present.

Over the years it has been my observation (via self & others), that one can not close off an area of their personal power and have everything else work perfectly.  The blockage tends to form a 'damming up' of the energies needed to live one's life at optimum levels.  This usually effects the degrees of happiness, love, joy and abundance one will allow or attain.  There can still be creation with the existence of  such a dam.  Unfortunately the outcomes of one's desires and programing may at times appear muddy in content.  

Forgiveness vibrational elixir will not make anyone forgive what they are not ready or willing to release.  It will however provide a steady flow of light assisting those ready to resign their post of warden thus accomplishing positive closure and peace.   Through the desire to understand, acknowledge and forgive, powerful shifts and amazing transformations can be activated in one’s life and well being.  The keys of this elixir are the acceptance of one's worth, value, freedom to feel, to love and willingness to be all that one can be.  

The above information is merely to invite the reader to explore a different depth of the richness of forgiving self and others.

​Distilled water, essences (Argentite, Bixbyite, Bornite, Chudobaite, Daphnite, Dioptase, Dundasite, Lepidocrocite, Marialite, Melanite, Parisite, Satyaloka Quartz Crystal, Rhodonite, Unakite, Xenotime, Essence of Color, Essence of Light) alcohol as the holding agent.

Drops: Place 7 drops in 6 ounces of water & 1-3 x daily. 
Mist:  2-3 Spritzes 1-2 x daily through the Auric field or as desired.
The common usage of vibrational & gem elixirs is 1 – 3 times daily.   Because each person is unique in response to energy, always follow your inner guidance on usage... some individuals respond best to smaller amounts in an application. 

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are available to assist in clarity, healing, growth and abundance. But you must ask. 

It is very important to drink adequate amounts of water. You are moving energy through your body & water is the conduit supporting this. Four to six glasses per day is suggested.  

Essence of Light