Crystal, Mineral & Personal Energy Cleansing  

Almost all stones can absorb external energy. This elixir was created to remove lower vibrations from specimens of the mineral kingdom without disturbing the base imprints or programs.  Due to the crystalline structures that we contain, Crystal Clear is also effective in cleansing our personal energy fields.

The base vibrations of each stone are of a high enough radiance to  continuously lift and balance the energy of where they reside.  The outer rim of a stone is more energetically porous and can gather and retain outside influences that may be of lower frequencies.   The human being can also attract or allow lower vibrations of energy to gather into their energy fields.                           

Note:  There are several stones that dissolve or negate lower vibrations.
Quartz Family:  Citrine or anything having Citrine in it.
Selenite Family:  Selenite, Selenite Desert Roses, Gypsum 
All forms/colors of Kyanite with blue & black being the most commonly used.  

Although Crystal Clear was created to cleanse stones, it has become invaluable to transform stagnant or dense forms within the human body and auric field.  It is especially helpful for clearing the head, brain confusion, stress, perceptions and tiredness.

Clean every several months or sooner if directed.  After purchase, as a gift, ones that belonged to others and after healing work on self or others. Actually whenever it feels appropriate!  Stones can feel sticky, grimy or even cloggy.  If you sleep with crystals in or near your bed, cleanse more frequently.

Note:  Psychometry is the ability to obtain information about people or events from objects by touching or being near them.  By holding or being in their presence you can be that receptive conduit that reads and or reflects their stored information.  Stones will absorb the imprints and actions occurring around them.  Outside it is within  a radius of 8-10 miles.  During earth altercations it can be several hundred miles especially if close to ley lines.  When activated properly, they also have the capability to relay information via grid patterns. With personal programing one's intentions can be projected throughout broad spectrums when the stone is responsive to manifesting.  Most frequently used are quartz crystals although some others can be very efficient.  

Crystal Clear does not impair or disturb the base crystal or mineral imprint that is it's signature nor if applying it to self, disturb your knowledge, wisdom, understanding or intellect.  It dissolves the resonances that tend to tuck in and about the loose molecules of energy comprising the outer frame of the stone and your thinking range.  If you are accustomed to programing your personal stones, this may dissolve programs you have activated into them (not those of the stone's).  

Everyone has 'liquid crystal’ within the body and physical crystal like structures in the brain. These structures have been photographed by numerous members of the medical profession.  Although they have a similar molecular structure they do radiate different octaves of crystalline light waves. These structures are not identical to the stones, but very close. Without the liquid crystal we have always had, humans would not have the capacity to retain information or process ideas…basically, think, have memory and recall. 

For those having a strong affinity with the star system of Sirius and or the 'star people', you may have experienced lifetimes in the crystalline realms. Crystal Clear drops/mist assist in removing foggy energy within your own thinking process and throughout your energy field. The mist can also be used in your auric field.

Note:  Through the process of creating additional vibrational essences, there came a need to have an overall 'clearing' elixir and 'Energy Clear' was born.    "Energy Clear" does cleanse and lift lower frequencies.  In the case of the crystals and stones, Crystal Clear takes it further by reactivating particles of  light into the framework of the stones literally awakening a brilliance.  Although either can be used, Crystal Clear brought forth a sharper translucency with each of the stones.  As to selection, ask your counselors and or stones to see which they would prefer.

Distilled water, essences (Ametrine, Calcite, Morian Quartz: a rare form of quartz that is a combination of Citrine, Smokey & Clear, & Quartz Crystal.) alcohol as the holding agent.

Mist:  Crystals & Stones...Shake bottle & spritz once upon each crystal/mineral.  For groupings of stones, hold container several inches above & spritz 1-2 times. Clears negative & discordant energy instantly.  Frequently you will feel the stones ‘discharge’ the energy as it is being transmuted into light. 
Mist:  On body...hands, feet, back of the neck and the auric field.
The common usage of gem & vibrational elixirs is 1 – 3 times daily. Because each person is unique in response to energy, always follow your inner guidance for drop amount and frequency of use.

Generally one mist is sufficient for cleansing (each is equivalent to 2 drops of liquid). With heavy discord, depression, illness or grief you may want to spritz, let set and repeat until it feels cleansed and renewed.    Especially so if you do crystal and energy healing.
Crystal Clear
Essence of Light

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