Activating Conscious Shifts

Breakthrough gem elixir provides support for those feeling stuck and unable to move beyond plateaus & limitation.  It opens the way to dissolve uncertainty, doubt, fear or resistance in making changes while deepening courage, insight and easing any sense of turmoil prior to expansion.

With patience and respect in the process of change one can eliminate the binding patterns of resistance thus actively ‘popping through’ or ‘cresting’ the old.  As one grounds these shifting patterns what emerges is a renewed incentive to complete and bring closure to issues previously jammed, stagnant, or seemingly insurmountable. 

With the cleansing of the chakras fear, neutrality, resistance, and self sabotage diminish inviting renewed energy, enthusiasm and vitality of mind, body and spirit.  Breakthrough gem elixir builds a connecting link between the heart & base chakras bringing forth the transformation of love into personal power flowing into well-being. 

As one awakens to this delightful expansion of thought, desire, perception, and intensity of action, one may seemingly soar beyond existing plateaus.  

1)  A plethora of resonances strengthening one’s capacity to ‘see the angles’ in each situation providing clear cut insight from a non judgmental perspective. 

2)  Recognition of the ‘reflection of self’ in others and their actions thus providing new insight to solutions in one's own life.  This is also not about judgement but rather perception and understanding.

3)  The reawakening of dedication, commitment and success is renewed and expanded.

4)  Breakthrough gem elixir creates a bridge of forward movement enabling the qualities of optimism, freshness, creativity, grounded structure and productivity to take one beyond what was and into what can be.  

This elixir is highly recommended for those having reached pinnacles in feeling creative, enthusiastic, self motivated, valued or worthy.   It is applicable in the arenas of work, relationships, abundance and anywhere one is experiencing a sense of resistance or stagnation to growth and self healing  

Breakthrough is beneficial in the advancement of all types and levels of creativity regardless of form.    It is also excellent for freeing up writer's block and for use with any of the more traditional forms of art and expression.  

Distilled water, essences (Bloodstone, Douglasite, Holdenite, Mica, Asbestos Quartz Crystal, Tinstone, Zaratite, Zoisite, Quartz Crystal, Essence of Light) alcohol as holding agent.

Mist: Spritz 1-2 x from back of neck down along spinal column 2-3 x daily as desired. Can be applied directly upon skin or over clothing. 
The common usage of vibrational & gem elixirs is 1 – 3 times daily. Because each person is unique in response to energy, always follow your inner guidance for drop amount and frequency of use.  
​Note: 1 spritz is equal to 2 drops of liquid.

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are available to assist in clarity, healing, growth and abundance. But you must ask. 

It is Very Important to drink adequate amounts of water. You are moving energy through your body & water is the conduit supporting this.  Four to six glasses per day is suggested.  


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