Deflecting, Dissolving & Neutralizing Confusion, Chaos & Panic While Creating Inner Peace & Calm

A Shield within a Shield! This elixir is a must during present times.  It creates a strong outer field that rejects external fear & negativity while activating a powerful inner space of clarity, strength & decisiveness. 

​We are making dimensional changes with our bodies becoming less carbonized as they return to our original crystalline DNA. While in more of our 'core' (crystalline) energy we experience an increasing sense of peace, rightness, balance, happiness, harmony and enthusiasm with new understanding enabling us to resolve issues and challenges with new solutions thus restoring forward movement in our life. 

With the present world turmoil, massive exposure to electronics, media news & advertising there are unprecedented levels of disruptive & stressful energy constantly invading one's physical, mental & emotional bodies.  On a daily basis, this concentration of discord impacts the protective 'auric' field surrounding one's entire body.  There are also non visible thought wave patterns that can cause disruption to sleep, dreams & natural body regeneration. The outcome can bring about distraction, frustration, confusion, exhaustion, anger, lack of personal power & even hopelessness. 

Body Shield creates a protective fabric preventing penetration of disruptive energy waves.   This field further extends into the center of your consciousness to enhance growth, individuality, self-acceptance, personal power and independence.  Body Shield dissolves the thought waves mentioned above thus eliminating emotional drains, fatigue and dis-stress. Improvement is almost immediate with continued balance and harmony being restored with daily use.

The following detail provides additional understanding of the synergistic blend of frequencies within this elixir.

Aegirine - Protective, revitalizing, mental clarity & stimulation, removes blockages, supports entire body & immune system.
Black Sapphire - Protection, centering, grounding, relieves mental anxiety, stress, confusion.  Purifies & clears disoriented energy, heals energy leaks
Black Tourmaline -Balances brain function, clarity, understanding, very protective & discharges discord, confusion, deflects negative energy, calms emotions & alleviates stress.
Black & Blue Kyanite Self cleansing, shields, clears entire chakra system automatically, calming, ease of communication, clears perception, strengthens connection to inner self & Source, removes blockages & supports self-confidence. 
Fire Agate - Dispels fear, shields & deflects all threats back to their source, assists in moving forward, best solutions, strengthens determination & action. 
Moldavite - Cooperation, security, vision, manifestation, attracts higher vibrations, stimulates clarity, understanding & spiritual insights for highest good.  Stabilizing & centeredness. 
Quartz Crystals:  Apple Aura, Golden Healer, Harlequin, 'Makia' & Silver Healer 
Each has crystal base with following additions... Protection, inner shielding, clarity, growth perception, insights, connection to higher/inner being, master healers & each balances yin/yang (left/right brain function), calming to nervous system, balances energy, increases enthusiasm, right thinking for positive choices during change & transformation.   Note: The formation of these specific quartz crystals activates a bubble like chamber that sustains one's positive core DNA, growth & expansion.  It is secure, protective, soothing & strengthens personal foundations regardless of external experiences.   Less than 0.5% alcohol as a holding agent.

Body Shield
Essence of Light

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