Bridging Dimensions & Maintaining You Center During the Chaos of Change

This combination provides a stable bridge to ease the shifts & enjoy the process of moving into the 4th & 5th dimensions with positive anticipation, clarity, excitement & balance.  It also assists in sustaining the necessary clarity and detachment during the dramatic emotional expressions prevalent during change. 

In the last 12-15 years the word ascension is commonly used to explain an extensive range of physical, mental, emotional & planetary changes.  

Human beings, the planet and all of its inhabitants, are moving out of a specific resonance of energy and into a more expansive field that is virtually unlimited in its range of potential.  Humanity, for a long while, has pretty much functioned inside a fenced playpen with all types of do’s, don’t(s), can’t(s), shouldn’t(s), confinement and over all limitation.  For all the potential freedom we have we haven’t been taught or encouraged to use our imaginations, creativity or ‘think out of the box’ potential.  The short of our personal process is that our entire bio molecular structure has/is changing from carbon to crystalline, increased DNA, healthy genetic imprints and longevity to mention but a few. All of our bodies are experiencing radical and very exciting changes. Not unlike going through adolescence on steroids… and on some days it certainly feels that way.

Perhaps one of the most helpful images I can share is that of stretching 5 steps forward and 4 backward to ground and balance, 7 steps forward, 3-4 back, 10 steps forward and so on. Now that sounds like fun and is for the higher octaves of dimension feel wonderful… clean, clear, strong, supportive, inspiring, vital, exciting and then…  upon teetering back to gather balance it often feels like you are  dragging your body and mind through sludge.  When sandwiched  between there can be sudden clearings, sweetness, deep peace and then seemingly out of the blue, a bit of restless discontent, anger and confusion.  Phew!  And keep in mind that each person upon the  planet is in the midst of  their own personal version of this.  

As well, you may be experiencing several or many of the following: Feelings of being lost and in limbo; tiredness, uncertainty, confusion, indecisiveness, mood swings, boredom, edginess, restlessness, can’t get enough food or having appetite changes, lack of purpose or direction, strong feelings about change of profession & or relocation of residence without clarity of where, when or how to get there. A change or loss of longstanding friendships, romantic relationships & community involvement.  Intermittent sorrow, grief, depression or sadness without knowing the origin.  Another frequent and unsettling concern is the lack of inspiration, dreams (both physical & sleep) with an inability to feel the presence of spiritual guides, counselors & angels or clearly receive their messages & guidance.  

Wholeness provides and supports the following attributes: Courage, stability and life awareness with a depth of love and self renewal. A gentle alignment of all the energy meridians, balancing of one’s insight with the clearing away of foggy issues, misconceptions, untruths and disorder thus providing a new path to center and build upon.  

With the use of this elixir (& your intention) there is a release of old thought patterns, an increased level of grounding, composure, ease in managing life conditions and excitement in making changes.  And with this gentle balancing of the nervous system energy can bring about inspiration, additional rationale in decision making, the re-evaluation of priorities, goals and directives and the emergence of a wide expanse of usable knowledge while minimizing limitation, distress, discordant attitudes and beliefs.  Wholeness is especially helpful in maintaining a level of detachment during the radical shifts in the present political and economical realms.  It isn't about not being involved it is about not getting 'swept up' into the outrage or others.  Positive solutions can only emerge with clarity, insight, perception, understanding, the presence of being and wisdom.  

Along with this new bridge and synchronistic flow of energy comes the balancing of crown, throat and navel chakras, one’s creativity, self-realization, assurance and a deepening sense of peace and completeness. Wholeness gem elixir supports flexibility, the receiving and giving of love, self trust, humor and laughter while letting loose of restrictive traits and emotions.   This elixir also helps to identify the dramas about you while clarifying the real issues.  The outcome is  inspired choices as to where best to invest your time, energy and commitment.   

​Autunite – Encourages & allows the greatest results of change. Brings about stability in your environment & the realization of how it influences your life & emotions. Deepens capacity to complete actions, soothes temperament brings about emotional & loving harmony.
Biotite – Part of the Mica group of stones. Encourages clear assessment & rational appraisal of your personal & global reality while enabling insights beyond the obvious & openness to new solutions. With desire & intention this essence brings clarity & balance to the ‘out of the ordinary’ enabling expansiveness & ease in assimilating change at all levels. 
Black & Blue Kyanite – Stone never needs cleansing…therefore rejects/transmutes negative & lower vibrations. Aligns all chakras & brings emotional & mental bodies into stability & harmony with physical especially during change & expansion. Encourages clarity of thought & action, communication, cooperation while dispelling anger, depression, struggle & apathy. The black is very protective, increases natural auric shields & calms the emotional/psychic bodies. Blue also calms while encouraging expression, creativity, curiosity, playfulness & openness to new potential.
Bridge Quartz Crystal – All the attributes of quartz plus ability to ‘bridge’ inner/outer relationships, worlds (personal & global), thought & new concepts with creating a range or sense of foundation beyond past experience or limitation. Solid structure of energy to support change, understanding & communication while minimizing the confusion of chaos.
Fluorite – Discourages chaotic, disorganized, confusing & disruptive actions. Allows one to absorb the energy of shifts, incorporate them into each of the bodies & soothes the mental awareness when experiencing problems or paradoxical information. Increases one’s attention span & detail with clarity & detachment to allow for a broader view of all perspectives. Major resonance for bringing balance into & within each of the energy & physical bodies. Also increases creativity… excellent for the clearing of any type of mental block or resistance. Enhances wellness at all levels.
Gold – Master healer & metal element. Encourages beauty & the highest in all things as it lifts one’s capacity to ‘see’ & experience the same. Improves character, personality traits, enthusiasm, curiosity, vitality, resolve, desire to explore the new & uncharted. Strengthens resolve, positive will, dedication to accomplishment & completion of commitments. The resonance of gold adds a ‘standing tall’ radiance & strongly invites one to take charge of their reality with positive choice & the willingness to activate change.
Green Rose – Flower Essence – Powerful balancing resonance for the brain, bodies & especially the psychic body. “This essence develops/enhances psychic abilities, spiritual healing & talents.” “The color green is an isolated spectrum & wavelength of energy similar to the frequencies that telepathic energy travels.” It is the communication wavelength between the mental forces increasing telepathy within & without. Calming to those with strong intuitive gifts & for those resistant to using them. This essence is potent due to its natural ability to augment & balance the workings of the pituitary & pineal glands. Opens & expands communication & understanding with counsel, guides, angels & spirit. (quoted excerpts from: Flower Essences & Vibrational Healing by Gurudas)
Heulandite – “Evolution, activation of latent capacities, awakening the higher brain functions, discovering & utilizing the light body” (Book of Stones)
Magnetite – Grounding cord strengthened. Balances energy flow, increases vitality, protective, stabilizing & brings a ‘clear thinking’ perspective into mental & emotional activities. Reduces negative effects of outside electrical impressions & harmonizes internal electromagnetic flows. Increases endurance, tenacity, draws one towards positive function, choice & potential solutions. Assists in the release of non productive habits & actions. Reinforces & strengthens the auric shield.
Moonstone – The Goddess, going within, exploring one’s true capacities, insights, hopes, dreams, compassion, creativity (all levels), the void of being & creation…the mysteries of life, love, healing & spirit. A true resonance of self-discovery.
Satyaloka Quartz Crystal – All the attributes of quartz crystal plus higher/wider spiritual awakening, planetary consciousness, receiving the light & knowledge from the higher planes while assimilating the intricacy of expansion & unlimited possibility with calm excitement & positive expectation. This resonance enables the accessing of relevant wisdom that can enhance one’s truth & personal growth in the now & future.
Essence of Light – A proprietary blend of light, healing energy & particles of love to enhance, lift, expand & harmonize other essences.

In a base of distilled water & less than 0.5% alcohol as the holding agent.

Mist: Spritz 1-3 x through auric field 1-3 x daily as desired.
Note: 1 Spritz is equal to 2 drops.
Because each person is unique in response to energy, always follow your inner guidance for application amount & frequency of use.  
   The common usage of  vibrational & gem elixirs is 1 – 3 times daily. 

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are available to assist in clarity, healing, growth and abundance. But you must ask. 

It is Very Important to drink adequate amounts of water. You are moving energy through your bodies & water is the physical conduit supporting this.  Four to six glasses per day is suggested.
Essence of Light

 I really like Wholeness!  
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