Connecting With Angels & Higher Guidance

Angelic Gateway gem elixir aligns, strengthens and expands your ability to hear, feel, often see, and know your personal counsel of spiritual advisers.

Along with your Higher Self you have a  primary male and female counselor that have been with you in all of your life times.  In addition there are guardian angel(s), master teachers, healers and various beings of light from Source.  The primary circle are always in residence and available for support, inspiration, guidance, love and friendship.  They are representatives and helpmates to you from God, Goddess, All That Is.  

With time, the pituitary (6th) and pineal (7th) chakras often atrophy  due to non use.  Even those actively meditating may not trigger the expansiveness these chakras have on the endocrine, immune system and communicative pathways of the brain and body.    This elixir envelopes the centers with spectrums of light and color strengthening their base pattern.   

There will be deeper receptivity and heightened awareness  in meditative and dream experiences.   All fields of accomplishment are enriched with enthusiasm and patience.  As the conscious bridge of connection evolves your spiritual counsel become more real and available for a depth of interaction that is without limit.   For those  well connected to their 'group' this elixir can act as a catalyst to broaden and lift existing levels of interaction, communication, love and expansion to entirely new heights. 

You may also find your personal truth, convictions, clarity, intuitive insight, compassion, unconditional love, right timing (in the change of mindset, direction, or action) are more vivid with a softening or elimination of confusion and uncertainty.  

This combination encourages progression and is invigorating to the physical body while soothing to the nervous system. Depression, loss of hope and lack of direction seemingly dissolve into states of serenity and self-acceptance. With one's expansion and the deepening of their personal and unique spiritual connection there can be an entire shift in consciousness. The radiance of this elixir may also be helpful in supporting the body's ability of natural renewal while accessing deeper levels of energy to sustain well being.  Angelic Gateway gem elixir invites the awakening and expansion of ‘Love’ and the connection to ones Source or ‘All That Is’ energy.  

Many have found Angelic Gateway helpful prior to meditation or sleep.  If new to the practice of meditation, begin by setting your intentions.  Envelop yourself in white light then ask for your Guardian Angel, Higher Self and or a special counselor to present and identify themselves.  Be patient and persistent, you will perceive in the way that you are most open to and is easiest for you to recognize.  Initially the connection may be a gentle touch upon your cheek, a specific fragrance, color, sound or sensation that will be the opening sign.  With continuation and desire one's clarity will increase and expand.

Your group of counselors are your friends.  Talk with them, invite them to participate in everything that your day, your life involves.  Ask for help and guidance to simplify, organize, alleviate or offer positive solutions and resolution.  This can be for physical healing, relationship guidance, clarity with changes...actually there isn't anything that they can't or won't assist you with when you ask for guidance and potential solutions.  

Also, remember to invite them along while you work, play, shop, get the car serviced, consult professional beings, have a fun day with physical friends, explore new concepts, study and relax. Your unseen friends respect and honor you in all ways, including your privacy.  Are they always with you anyway...yes and when you invite them in, there is a conscious activation of your relationship which gives depth, meaning and true joy to a friendship that is forever yours.  Even in the beginning, without names or a true sense of their presence, talk with them.  The responses will show up as one allows them to come through.  Most important have fun and enjoy becoming better acquainted.  You will make the connection, be it brand new or with old friends to a new level..   

Your counselors love you beyond belief!  They are with you because they have chosen to be.  Their desire to dissolve the veils between you are perhaps even stronger than your own.

PS...They have a wonderful sense of humor and always respect and respond to you in the manner you are most comfortable with.

Distilled water, essences (Purple Sage Agate, Bixbite, Hubnerite, Red Jasper, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Prehnite, Spiral Quartz Crystal, Wohlerite, Xenotime, Essences of Life) alcohol as a holding agent. 

Mist:  Spritz 1 - 3 x about the head & through the chakras 1 - 2 x daily as desired.   Application can be any time & is wonderful prior to meditation.  The common usage of vibrational & gem elixirs is 1 – 3 times daily.  Because each person is unique in response to energy, always follow your inner guidance for drop amount and frequency of use.  Elixir can be applied through clothing or directly upon skin.

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are available to assist in clarity, healing, growth and abundance. These beings are always around you and you must ask for help to fully receive their loving guidance. 

It is Very Important to drink adequate amounts of water. You are moving energy through your body & water is the conduit supporting this.  Four to six glasses per day is suggested.   
Angelic Gateway
Essence of Light