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Silver Shungite 2 Billion years old, an ancient healer, transformer & guardian

Silver Shungite


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2 Billion years old, an ancient healer, transformer & guardian

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It is a gift formed long before it's time thus creating a path or base for other organic matter to take formation. Frequently associated with the purification of water it also adds specific healing frequencies that balance the bio molecular systems.  It naturally strengthens the immune system & acts as a gentle detoxifier for the body systems. Shungite contains most all the minerals listed in the periodic table & additional frequencies supportive of the DNA balance in the human body.  Its original deposit created a healing pool due to the water flow over the Shungite.  The energy is exceptional & its range extends far beyond the pool into the adjacent areas.  Shungite transmits a radio wave like pattern picked up & radiated into the root & leaf systems of trees then the oxygen molecules of air & earth. It has a co-creative capacity with the elements & each of the kingdoms (inclusive of the human) to adjust to what is needed to enhance total optimum energy flows.  This, with time & intention can increase self healing potential, range & longevity & more...

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