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Midnight Lace Obsidian Unifying light, understanding & wisdom into self awareness & healing

Midnight Lace Obsidian

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$ 24.00

Unifying light, understanding & wisdom into self awareness & healing

Product Detail:

All obsidian is protective, draws forth information & assists in clearing away misconceptions & aligning one with their personal truths.  This stone reflects a silver/grey lace or stairway pattern & the essence works as it appears taking one deep within & upward into new realms of perception, thought & linking with your higher consciousness.  It is especially powerful for it integrates what you access via the heart chakra enhancing compassion & allowing for self healing in profound ways.  Due to its protective qualities vulnerability is minimized encouraging you to reach deeper within & seek more of your real being... some times while doing this process one has to move through current energies bringing about emotional experiences having been dormant or subdued.  With Midnight Lace the energy is presented clearly, without judgement in order to evaluate & extract only what is pertinent & empowering.

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