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Kermesite Enhances vitality, connection to life force & the drawing in of energy


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Enhances vitality, connection to life force & the drawing in of energy

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Kermesite encourages & expands the assimilation & channeling of positive energy & life force.  Excellent for healers & healing modalities inclusive of Reiki, color & sound therapy, massage & meditation.  One of its signatures is the increase of draw-able energy into & through the hands & feet.  It stimulates the psychic body & its ability to absorb, integrate & distribute accurate perceptions from higher counsel, guides & the angelic realm.  Kermesite acts as a harmonizing blender of the energetic bodies into the physical allowing for more awareness, understanding, development of spiritual qualities & talents without experiencing crisis or overload.  Due to this blending there is less tension during change with an increase in total health & well being.  Nice increase in energy when misted upon hands & feet.  This stone evolves from partially oxygenated stibnite.  

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