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Hiddenite Expanding love, trust & deepening the heart light


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Expanding love, trust & deepening the heart light

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Feeling, caring, vulnerability, positive emotion & alignment with the radiance of love.  Love is a true emotion exhibiting both positive & negative outcome!  If one dismissed the various reasons for earth life, there would always be one that remains.  It is the deep desire to  feel, love & become more of oneself.  I believe it's lack is the basis for negative action & its illumination & abundance comes from the willingness to awaken to its  majesty.   Although you may disagree with the last statement, if you are reading this, I invite you to explore the unique gifts Hiddenite has to offer. Take a breath, touch the name & ask for its essence to touch you.  Hiddenite takes you to the 'oasis' of your heart, the best of who you are & can once again live.  It is  the wonder of being open, soft, yet strong while knowing you can distinguish the 'right' expression appropriate without becoming helpless or less than.  It lifts the scars of the past replacing them with new, revised & healed levels of safety, openness, gratitude & the willingness to give & receive love without need to calculate, control or manipulate.

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