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Cuprite The power, courage, vitality & energy of the Divine Goddess


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The power, courage, vitality & energy of the Divine Goddess

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This elixir is 'about standing tall with the conviction, strength & true backing of the divine feminine.  Whatever has been within your experience can be lifted, transformed & neutralized. ...
This essence brings the roots & grounding to gather your power & utilize that which you are & have always been to move beyond the fear, old traumas, lack, non-deservability, victimhood & martyr emerging as a fountain of light.  You are that 'spark' of The Lady... be it, live it & dream your dreams.  'She' walks with you, laughs with you, cries with you... now be willing to love this you & be all that you are!  The crystal & stone beings are here to help.  They offer their radiance to strengthen you upon your journey of discovery, healing, loving & being.   

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