Patterns, Their Origin, How The Elixirs Work & How To Assist In The Positive Changes

Animals experience traumatic experiences that can become trapped in their mental, emotional, psychic (yes they have one too) & physical bodies.  I have found that they, like humans, can carry such imprints in from other times.  

Wow!  How does one know the cause of an issue much less the steps needed to change it? 

​​When we (light beings, angels & myself) designed Kitty and Doggy Calm it was with the express intention to blend vibrational frequencies that could immediately sooth and calm.  Next was to alter/dissolve discordant patterns or upsetting memories that may exist.   Whether patterns stem from vet visits, grooming, varying degrees of abusive behavior, abandonment or a bad habit, we wanted a gentle way to re-establish natural order and well being.  Animal communication is always helpful but not necessary for these elixirs to be effective. 

​Imagine a very large wide toothed comb that appears as laser like strands of  light/color that when combed through the etheric (where all things begin) and auric body (energy field surrounding body) of a cat or dog, attract and remove irregular energy waves.  It would be like holding your hand 3" above your dog or kitty's back combing from head to tail and absorbing any lower vibrational energy.  In a very simplified manner this is exactly what takes place after you apply either of these elixirs.  For general calming there isn't a need to request specific assistance.  The elixirs are already activated to work in this manner.

When there is a particular action, trait or conduct that an animal expresses and repeats then we as their care taker can move into a deeper level by requesting help in clearing the conduct.  It is also helpful to ask for guidance in any actions we can take to further the process along.  This includes understanding that as their companion we may be contributing to their issue via our own unresolved emotions.    

For sudden conduct arising quickly. 
First make certain the animal's health is okay.  As an example:

Pets urinating in inappropriate places can be an actual energy imbalance in their body.  It can also indicate that on a emotional level they are attempting to capture your attention.  The latter can be about actions between the two of you or it may indicate a human being 'pissed off' and unwilling to process their emotions.  Animals feel our energy, especially if it is on going.  They frequently attempt to run it for us and if that doesn't work will take action to get our attention.   ✯✯(Male cats with urinary blockages need immediate veterinary treatment). 

Ask your counselors to indicate the origin of the issue.  Is your energy in any way causing this?  Sometimes our own personal thoughts and emotions can be so focused upon an unresolved issue or relationship that our pet is attempting to 'take away' the heavy energy and dissolve it.   When human distress amplifies, your animal companion may also attempt to get your attention by acting it out in front of you.   Once a solution or outlet is established, then your pet no longer needs to 'get your attention' and the conduct can cease.  

Growling, hissing, spitting, paw scratching, slapping, biting or attacking... If you have an animal that is normally affectionate but begins to express any of the above actions and does so consistently, there is usually an experience or imprint triggering their sudden shift in personality.  

Animals communicate with each other... even different species.  If you could hear some of their messages, perceptions, concerns, sibling or 'pecking order' emotions you would be somewhat astounded and intrigued.  The reason we have mentioned this is in households where several animals reside (or both dogs & cats), it can be important to evaluate everyone's actions, posturing and conduct to ascertain if the origin of the challenge is coming up between other pets much like that of sibling children.

When the above occurs, you may want to implement the use of both 'Calm' elixirs along with your own requests to everyone's counselors to more deeply harmonize personality issues.

If comfortable that the basis of your companion's conduct, fears or trait is beyond the above then the following insights can assist you in taking the next step in altering negative imprints or traumatic memories that may be stuck.

1.  Decide upon the main issue you want to address.

2.  If open to working with counselors, yours and your pet's, then call them in asking for their help at all levels.  We have already done this via the elixir and your additional requests can bring about deeper and more elegant shifts. One of the most common statements expressed by our counselors is that we share our concerns and desires (fantastic!) then forget to "ask for help in resolving them".  There is a difference in sharing information and actually asking for help! 

3.  Very important!  Let your companion know that they don't need to play out hiding under the bed, non stop barking or whatever the issue.  Tell them via words, thoughts and images that they have angels and light beings that are now helping them to clear away their concerns.   And that this will then allow them to feel very safe, loved and appreciated for being the wonderful friend and companion that they are.  

Because I do communications,  I usually describe the beautiful rainbow comb that the angels will gently draw through the energy above their back and shoulders.  And how after they do this, the animal will feel so much better, stronger and more secure.

4.  Especially for the first week or so, as you spritz the mist above them express how much better they will be feeling.  If they will allow, you can also gently pet them to  reinforce your love.   Apply according to individual  dog or kitty detail sheets, your counsel or as desired based upon your inner guidance.    

Note:  With deeper or long duration patterns you may or may not notice a big change instantly.  They can shift almost immediately or appear more in segments of change.  Each animal is unique as is the depth of the issue and their emotional alignment with it.  Animals rarely 'hang onto emotions' as humans do... they aren't pron to 'rehashing' what happened, therefore 'relief' can come quickly.  

Example:  Let's say that out of fear, your pet dives under or behind furniture when new people are present.  This may continue to take place for a bit but you become aware that they come out almost immediately afterward.  Or your pet begins to stay within easy reach of a hiding place without fully using it unless absolutely necessary.  The process can then keep shifting into more positive states with time and self confidence.  Whoopee!  Remember to gently compliment them upon their bravery and how proud you are.  Even a treat can be given in honor of the new action.  

6.  It is important for you to know that behind the scenes, the change is taking place at subtle emotional levels.  Even before the outer action is fully expressed continue to verbally encourage their positive behavior  and how great they will feel as the old pattern is removed.  Often the change can be very subtle as you recognize that your pet isn't repeating the old pattern as frequently or at all.  

7.  Animals understand more verbal language than you may think.
They feel the vibration of the words coming from you body language.  One of the most powerful ways to shift patterns is to show them an 'image' of the end result of what you want.  Project a scene of their new conduct and how happy everyone is. Even if they continue with the old pattern, keep showing the positive new picture.  They will respond.

As described in the 'Calm' detail sheets:  When preparing the master elixir we set the intention for the product to self adjust to what your dog or cat is desiring at that time, be it now or in the future.  Reiki healing, the angels, faeries and Source energy is also activated.  I believe there are light beings and angels that work very specifically with each animal that uses our products because I have requested that to be so.   In this way issues, that we have no awareness of, can be addressed via the use of the elixir. We need merely request additional assistance to alter/change disruptive or harmful patterns or experiences that the animal is expressing.  And if the animal is willing it shall be done.

Please be patient!  You will receive positive actions and it will probably take several applications for the full level of benefits to 'lock in'.  In emergencies and with stress issues the shift generally comes quickly.  Conduct or personality issues arise over time requiring a bit of the same plus your gentle care and nurturing to further the changes.  

  Again, if uncertain, ask your inner guidance & that of the animal.  The 'Doggy or Kitty Angel' and or Archangel Raphael (regardless of your beliefs) all of whom will offer guidance.   It may not seem that the simplicity of these suggestions can bring about change yet they do.  
This is So Important:  By taking a few moments daily to image the new and preferred conduct, in most cases your pet will provide the desired results.  Animal companions generally want to please.  By using the elixirs and a 'simple picture' of a positive desire they will do their very best to comply.  Again, it is important to take in all the above considerations.  Even shelter adopted animals with prior imprints can and will improve with patience and love.

NOTE:  Like people, some animals respond better to an application every other day allowing for the energy to expand with more subtlety. The angels will continue to work with them 24/7 assisting in their personal process time.  To know, ask and you will be guided.

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your animal's guides & counselors are always available & so willing to assist in clarity & healing, but they are limited until we ask.  Animals don't always know that they can work directly with the other realms so it is important for their human companions to request any additional help & healing that is desired.

Water is the conduit that moves energy through our bodies... make certain your animal being has plenty of fresh water available to drink. If they aren't responding, then ask Archangel Raphael, or any of the angels to remind them to do so. You can also tell or image to them to drink more. 

Disclaimer:  The above product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Essence of Light elixirs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Contact your vet or health care practitioner for the treatment of pet illness.

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